Otters March Toward Fort Canning Park, Giving Office Workers A Surprise Visit

Otters March Through Office Building Toward Fort Canning Park

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us enjoyed the freedom to travel anywhere that we please, especially overseas to foreign countries.

Though travel restrictions are still firmly in place in most countries, it seems our otter friends are not having any difficulties ‘getting around‘.

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On Monday (11 Jan), a bevy of otters were seen entering into an office building along Penang Street and making their way towards Fort Canning Park.

Footage of the surprising visit was shared on The Straits Time’s (ST) Facebook page.

Otters give office workers a surprise en route to Fort Canning

In the Facebook video posted by ST, a family of otters were seen making their way into an office building on Penang Road located at Dhoby Ghaut.


Office workers could be heard cheering with excitement as they passed through — can’t really blame them as it’s not every day that you get to see a group of about 14 otters during your lunch break.

An uncle, in particular, looked pretty stunned as they marched past him confidently.

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The otters look like a tight-knit family as the little ones are kept in the middle of the pack while the adults took positions at the front and back.

Otters Fort Canning Source

Otters living comfortably in urban Singapore

Otters seem to be one of the creatures that are comfortable moving around urban Singapore.

A netizen commented that she’s happy to see the animals living in harmony with humans even in an urban setting.


Another Facebook user joked that the otters had broken safe distancing rules by gathering in groups larger than 8.

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One netizen even said that otters ought to be crowned as Singapore’s national animal.


We wouldn’t mind though, since they seem to be fitting in perfectly wherever they are on our island.

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Otters certainly living comfortably in Singapore

It’s nice to see that otters in Singapore are living comfortably and have no difficulties travelling across our urban landscape.

However, we hope that they take care during their travels around the city, given the amount of traffic that passes through the town.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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