Otters Bask In Marina Bay Sunset, Show S’pore’s Urban & Natural Harmony

Otters Swim In Marina Bay Waters With Singapore City Skyline & Sunset As Background

Otters have made their way into Singaporeans’ hearts, so much so that they’ve become the mascot of a political party.

Even so, seeing them in real life is still a delight for many, like this particular photographer who spotted otters in Marina Bay.


As if by a stroke of pure luck, Facebook user Mr Sarupria caught sight of the creatures at sunset, producing the most stunning photograph.

Photo of otters at sunset goes viral

Unsurprisingly, the photo went viral after he posted it on Saturday (22 Aug), with over 1,700 shares at the time of writing. Mr Sarupria told MS News, however, that sunset was from 20 Aug.

Capturing so many beautiful and defining elements in a single shot, the photo’s appeal needs no explanation.

Perhaps this landscape version will take your breath away even more:


Where do we even start, to point out all the incredible elements?

Despite the few dark clouds in the sky, the flaming orange hues of the sunset peeking out from behind them provides the brightest splash of colour.

Not splashing down below is the still water of the Marina Reservoir, which reflects the glorious shades of the sky above.

With the magnificent colours in the background, the majestic skyscrapers of our city skyline stand out in their cool, grey, steeliness.


The water making up for roughly half of the photo composition balances everything out perfectly, embodying Mr Sarupria’s caption,

Where nature, wildlife and humans coexist in harmony.

The otters wading peacefully in the reservoir, its surface rippling around them, are certainly proof of that.

A marvellous depiction of Singapore

Besides the cityscape which many recognise Singapore for, the otters in the foreground offer a different perspective of our city.

More than a concrete jungle, Singapore is proof that we can live in the modern world while preserving nature’s beauty.


Let’s hope we’ll continue to provide our country’s flora and fauna with sufficient space and resources to keep thriving.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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