One Piece Bucket Sets In Thailand Are So Adorably Huge, They’re Worth Going Merry Over

Major Cineplex In Thailand Launches One Piece-Themed Popcorn Bucket Sets

If you’re a die-hard One Piece fan and will be travelling to Thailand soon, you should definitely look out for these One Piece bucket sets you can collect by visiting local cinemas.

Major Cineplex in Thailand has recently launched adorably massive One Piece-themed popcorn buckets and cups.


This is in conjunction with the release of the popular manga-anime franchise’s new movie “One Piece Stampede”.

2 One Piece bucket sets you can collect

There are 2 One Piece bucket sets up for purchase and they cost S$17.60 (390 Bahts) each.


Thousand Sunny Bucket Set

Reach into crunchy popcorn packed in this bucket, as it features the famous Thousand Sunny pirate ship that helped the Straw Hat pirates escape from Whole Cake Island.

It looks like the bucket is large enough to be reused as a container to store everyday items like children’s toys and chargers.

The set comes with:

  • Thousand Sunny popcorn bucket (filled with popcorn)
  • One Piece cup (with a drink of your choice)


Going Merry bucket set

Get the ship loved so much by the Straw Hat pirates that she took on a life of her own.

Maybe if you have a small figurine of Luffy, you can put him on his favourite part of the ship to sit – atop the sheep’s figurehead.


The set comes with:

  • Going Merry popcorn bucket (filled with popcorn)
  • One Piece cup (with a drink of your choice)

Available in all Major Cineplexes in Thailand

According to Google Maps, there are 11 Major Cineplex cinemas in Bangkok, so if you’re somewhere in this bustling city, you can drop by to catch a movie and get yourself a set.

Do note that stocks are limited. We wish you the best in collecting them!


Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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