This One Piece Popcorn Bucket Lets You Eat From Chopper’s Hat At All Golden Village Cinemas

Golden Village Has One Piece Cups & Popcorn Buckets From 31 Aug

One Piece fans are, no doubt, eagerly awaiting the release of the One Piece Stampede movie on 5 Sep.

If you’re one of them, here’s something else to satisfy your ‘appetite’ as you wait for the premier.

Golden Village (GV) recently released limited edition One Piece cups and popcorn bucket that allow you to drink or eat from your favourite character’s hat.

Image courtesy of Golden Village 

Here’s a closer look.

Limited edition merch from $24.50

The collectible cups feature Chopper and Luffy — the doctor and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates respectively.

They are available at $24.50 each and comes with a complimentary large-sized drink.

Image courtesy of Golden Village 

Fans can also get their hands on an adorable Chopper bucket that they can use to store their barang-barang. 


That said, the bucket isn’t going to be cheap. To be specific, it costs $49.50 but the purchase is inclusive of a large popcorn and drink set.

Image courtesy of Golden Village 

GV members get $2 off the above prices.

Available while stocks last

These limited edition merchandise are available at all GV Cinemas from 31 Aug.

That said, if you’re a massive One Piece fan who die die must add them to your collection, it’s best to get them as soon as possible — they’re only available while stocks last.


You can find the full list of GV Cinemas here. All the best.

Feature image courtesy of Golden Village.

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