Skechers One Piece Sneakers To Hit Singapore Stores From March For A Limited Time

Skechers One Piece Sneakers Are Inspired By Characters In The Anime

2019 has been a good year for One Piece fans thus far, with a slew of exclusive One Piece merchandise being released in the first 2 months.

But hey, the good news doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

In a month’s time, Skechers will be releasing limited One Piece sneakers right here in Singapore. Not sure about you, but I’m getting pretty hyped up at the sound of it.


Here’s a quick look at the designs that’s part of the collection!

1. Monkey D Luffy

Starting off, these sneakers inspired by Luffy comes with hints of red, yellow, and black that instantly reminds you of his outfit.


The heel tab is also carefully designed to pay homage to the straw hat that has accompanied Luffy throughout his journey. #DetailsOnPoint


2. Portgas D. Ace

If you’re more of a feisty individual, perhaps these sneakers inspired by Luffy’s brother, Ace will be more suitable for you.


Ace’s sneakers have a bright orange strip running through its side that looks like fire coming out of Ace’s hands.


Not sure if his pyro abilities will give you any sort of speed boost. But hey, feel free to wear these for your 2.4km run and let us know if you manage to clock anything below 10 minutes.

3. Trafalgar D. Law

If you harbour hopes of becoming a doctor one day, we recommend going for these sneakers inspired by Trafalgar Law — the miraculous surgeon in the One Piece universe.


If you’re fond of having animal prints as part of your outfit, you’ll also love the cow prints on the shoes’ heels.


4. Jimbei

Jimbei, the merman warrior of the Straw Hats Pirate will also be featured in this collection.


Blue details similar to the colour of Jimbei’s skin can be found all over the sneaker. The shoes’ heel also has a diamond-mosiac that’s akin to the design on his kimono


5. Blackbeard

Blackbeard may be the supervillain of the One Piece series, but we must admit that he has a rather dope pair of shoes in this collection.


With a full black upper, these shoes immediately give off a sinister and intimidating vibe. So if you don’t want to be approached by anyone selling you financial products at the MRT, consider these.


Time to save up for Skechers X One Piece

All sneakers from this collection come in the Skecher D’Lites 3 model, which are known for their comfort and snug fit.

At the time of this article, Skechers Singapore has yet to release details on the release date and price of these sneakers. We’ve reached out to Skechers Singapore for more information on this release.

That said, Sketchers wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday (21 Feb) that customers will receive a One Piece Tote Bag or Cap with every purchase of these kicks.


So, better start saving some money if you want a piece of these Skechers X One Piece sneakers!

Featured image from Sina Weibo

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