One Piece Fried Chicken Buckets At McDonald’s Thailand On Sale Till 26 Feb

One Piece Buckets Feature Both Luffy And Chopper

If you’re a One Piece fan heading over to Thailand this Chinese New Year break, here’s something you should add to your itinerary.

McDonald’s Thailand recently launched limited-edition One Piece buckets that are causing us to literally scream for joy.


Here’s how you can score them.

Luffy and Chopper buckets

For every S$13 (299 Baht) spent on the ‘Full Frame Chicken Set’, you’ll be able to bring home 1 of 2 One Piece Buckets free of charge.


Here’s what you’ll be getting for the meal.

  • 2 McWings
  • 2 McNuggets
  • 2 Cheese Sticks
  • 2 16oz drinks

If you love the charismatic protagonist from the One Piece series, opt for this Monkey D. Luffy bucket.

Disclaimer: this bucket doesn’t stretch like Luffy

Otherwise, go for this Tony Chopper – aka reindeer doctor – bucket that will instantly cure you of any gloom that you’re feeling.


Perfect for your coins

For ventilation purposes, these buckets come with a neat cut-out on the back of the lids, so your pieces of fried chicken don’t end up soggy.


But if you don’t intend on using it to carry food, this bucket also double up perfectly as a piggy bank.


That said, these buckets have a whopping 16oz capacity, so it’s going to take you quite a while to fill them to the brim.

Re-release of One Piece Figurines

8 limited edition One Piece figurines last available in Sep 18 will also be re-released alongside the new buckets.


Customers can purchase 2 of these figurines at S$3.40 (79 Baht) each with every purchase of the ‘Full Frame Mac’ meal.


They are also available at S$5.55 (129 Baht) should customers choose not to purchase the meal.

Not your typical decor

These figurines aren’t just your typical desk decor. They’re perfect for ‘holding up’ your phone.


Did we also mention that they come with some cool lighting effects?

Treasure chest for hoarders

If you’re a secret hoarder who plans on getting all 8 figurines, we suggest topping up S$60 (1399 Baht) for this exquisite treasure chest display.


This also entitles you to 1 of 2 One Piece McDonald’s gift cards with S$21.50 (500 Baht) stored.


That said, only 2 figurines will be released each week from now till 26 Feb. So if you’re really keen on collecting ’em all, we only have one thing to say — bid farewell to your diet.


But we’re sure the additional calories are all going to be well worth it.

Available 30 Jan – 26 Feb

Unlike the One Piece manga that has been ongoing for the past 22 years, these limited-edition One Piece merchandise will only be available from 30 Jan – 26 Feb.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s Singapore has no plans to bring in these One Piece buckets as of the time of this article.

That said, McDonalds’s Singapore would like to assure Singaporeans that “exciting new offerings” will be introduced soon. So do keep a lookout!


But if you’re visiting Thailand, remember to visit McDonald’s to get some of these exclusive merchandise!

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