Otter Family Crosses Busy Road In Orchard, Taxi Jam Brakes Just In Time To Let Them Pass

Otter Family Crosses Orchard Road Near Plaza Singapura After Several Close Calls

Singapore’s most famous furry residents were back in action on Sunday (24 Jan).

One man took to Facebook to share a video of an otter family spotted near Plaza Singapura, crossing a busy road.

The otter family’s attempt to cross the street was a nail-biting one, fraught with frighteningly close calls.

As they were reaching the end of the street, a taxi even had to jam brake to prevent from hitting the otters.

Otter family cautiously crosses busy road in Orchard

The video starts off with the otter family at the heart of Singapore’s shopping district, near Plaza Singapura.

One brave otter then cautiously sets foot onto the busy street, leading the group.


Cars immediately slowed down, manoeuvring around the little creatures.

But fear got the better of them and they quickly retreated back to the safety of the sidewalk.

otter family crosses roadSource

On their second attempt, the leading otter made it to the end of the first lane as cars slowed almost to a stop for them.

However, seeing the cars ahead of them, the otters once again scurried back to the pavement.

otter family crosses roadSource

Taxi jam brakes to avoid otters

But the otters remained valiant in their efforts to cross the street.

During a short clearing of traffic, the otter family took the chance and dashed across the 4-lane road.

otter family crosses roadSource

Just as they were crossing the last lane, a taxi approached them at a relatively fast speed.

As the vehicle neared, the otter family scampered away in fear.

Thankfully, the taxi driver managed to brake in time for the otters to reach the sidewalk safely.

otter family crosses roadSource

It was certainly a heart-stopping moment but looks like third time’s the charm after all.

Busy streets can be dangerous for animals

Why did the otters cross the street? We might not get the answer to this age-old question but we are glad that the little creatures got to the otter side of the road safely.

After all, we have seen how busy streets can get extremely dangerous for animals.

This is perhaps another reason for motorists to always be vigilant and attentive behind the wheel, you never know when these creatures need to get to the other side of the road!

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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