Playful Otters Kacau Resting Croc In Sungei Buloh By ‘Smooching’ Its Tail & Snout

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Otters Disturb Resting Croc At Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Otters have become the unofficial mascot of Singapore, as they’re well-loved for their cuteness and playful antics.

And it turns out they are not only playful but also rather gutsy.

On Saturday (12 Jun) evening, someone shared a video on Facebook showing 2 otters disturbing a resting crocodile at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

otters resting crocSource

Undeterred by the seemingly annoyed crocodile, they even gave ‘smooches’ to its tail and face.

Otters give ‘smooches’ to resting croc on 12 Jun

On Saturday (12 Jun) at around 5pm, the OP named Fauzy was recording a crocodile he spotted at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

That was when an otter came out of the blue and tapped the crocodile on his tail before retreating to the water.


The otter was soon joined by another friend. And as if they were playing their very own game with the crocodile, the friend also gave a little tap to the crocodile’s tail.

otters resting crocSource

But this time, the crocodile had enough, turning back in an instant to snap at the otters.

Both the otters then went into the waters.

Otters left but came back for 2nd ‘smooch’

However, the crocodile did not get to enjoy his peace for long.

Soon after, the otters swam back to the shore, and they resumed their playfulness.

As the crocodile warily turned to face them, one of the otters approached it and planted little ‘smooches’ on the crocodile’s snout.


The crocodile was still for a while before jumping slightly at the otter when the latter came in for a 2nd ‘smooch’.

After that, the otter then followed his friend back into the murky waters and swam off.

otters resting crocSource

Speaking to MS News, Fauzy shared that minutes later, the crocodile also took to the waters for a little swim.

otters resting crocImage courtesy of Fauzy

Otters are fiercely territorial

While the incident might have seemed like an adorable game for the playful otters, some netizens felt otherwise, saying that the otters might be attacking the crocodile.


In fact, otters are known to be fiercely territorial.

According to National Geographic, back in 2018, the family of otters at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve also successfully fought off a crocodile.

They also stated that otters have strength in numbers and often will not shy away from chasing large predators out of their territories.

Although they might seem harmless, otters do have powerful bites and can be aggressive, so it makes more sense for the crocodile to back off.

Watch wildlife creatures from afar

Who knew these adorable little creatures could also be so courageous and fierce?

It must have been quite a sight to witness this in real life.

So the next time you come across otters, do remember not to provoke them and watch them from afar.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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