Singapore Unlikely To Exit Phase 3 Anytime Soon

In the blink of an eye, 2 months have passed since Singapore embarked on Phase 3 of reopening, which allows groups of up to 8 to gather.

S’pore Will Enter Phase 3 On 28 Dec, PM Lee Says Groups Of Up To 8 Can Gather

Many may then wonder when we can move on from Phase 3 and break free of some Covid-19 measures.

On Thursday (25 Feb), Senior Minister of State for Health Janil Puthucheary said that Phase 3 will be the “new normal” until Covid-19 vaccines prove effective in preventing outbreaks.

However, during this time, safe management measures may be adjusted depending on the Covid-19 situation locally and abroad.

Phase 3 to be the new normal until vaccines prove effective

Responding to a query in Parliament on Thursday (25 Feb), Dr Janil revealed that Singapore will not be exiting Phase 3 anytime soon.


In particular, we will remain in Phase 3 until Covid-19 vaccines prove to be effective in preventing future outbreaks.

Though these vaccines protect individuals against the coronavirus, how they affect transmission is still unclear. Whether they can protect against other Covid-19 strains is also currently inconclusive.

Furthermore, the requirements to exit Phase 3 include:

  • a significant portion of Singapore’s population successfully inoculated
  • the virus being under control in other parts of the world

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Safe management measures may be tweaked during Phase 3

Though Singapore will still be in Phase 3 for the foreseeable future, we may look forward to changes in safe management measures as time passes.

This will allow Singapore to better cope with the dynamic situation both locally and in other parts of the world.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy a little more freedom, albeit in stages, as the situation improves.

Hope Covid-19 situation will improve greatly

Getting through our various phases of reopening may seem like a slow process, but we’re making progress, which gives us hope.

One piece of the puzzle for us to emerge from Phase 3 is vaccination. Hence, getting our jabs as soon as our turns come is important to help move our nation forward.

Hopefully, the pandemic will also show signs of improvement in other parts of the world soon, so all of us can return to our ‘old normal’ in time to come.

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Featured image courtesy of PUB.