Pigeon With Plastic Bag Around Leg Seen In Farrer Park, Man Tries Unsuccessfully To Help

Pigeon Believed To Have Accidentally Gotten Entangled With Plastic Bag In Farrer Park

Pigeons can be seen all over Singapore, such that some of us may regard them as pests.

However, we should remember that like any other wildlife living here, they can be unintentionally affected by our actions.

A man recently saw a pigeon with a plastic bag stuck around its leg in Farrer Park.

Source: Facebook

He tried unsuccessfully to help the bird by removing the bag.

Plastic bag around pigeon’s leg about same size as bird

In a Facebook post in the Singapore Wildlife Sightings group, user Mr Tan shared photos of the pigeon with a plastic bag wound around its leg.

He later added in a comment that he saw it at Block 15 Farrer Park Road.

Source: Facebook

Though the plastic bag looked to be about the same size as the bird itself, the creature appeared to still be able to move around and fly.

One of the photos showed the pigeon seemingly entering the lift.

Source: Facebook

Man tried to remove plastic bag from bird but it flew away

Mr Tan commented that the pigeon went into the lift when he approached it to try to help.

Source: Facebook

However, when he tried to remove the bag from its leg, the bird panicked and flew out of the lift.

It then flew up onto a ledge on the second floor, which he obviously couldn’t reach.

Source: Facebook

OP thinks bag got accidentally entangled

When some netizens expressed outrage at what they thought was a case of animal abuse, Mr Tan said he didn’t think that was the case.

Instead, he was of the opinion that the bag got entangled on the pigeon’s foot accidentally, as it was loosely wound.

Source: Facebook

Then, however, another person blamed those who discarded their plastic bags irresponsibly.

Another netizen suggested that Mr Tan call the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) or Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), but he replied that it wouldn’t be easy for them to track the bird considering it could’ve flown anywhere by now.

Other pigeons have gotten entangled before

Indeed, this apparently isn’t the first pigeon to have gotten caught in a plastic bag.

A commenter said she’s seen this happen before, especially during the Hungry Ghost Festival when people will leave behind plenty of rubbish like strings, rubber bands and plastic bags after burning offerings.

She said she managed to help some of the birds, but failed to do so for many others.

The netizen then shared a photo of another bird in the same situation.

Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to help this one despite waiting for hours, she said. It eventually flew off with the plastic bag still attached to its leg.

She said this happened after people left rubbish behind after burning offerings during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Dispose of your waste properly

Hopefully, the pigeon Mr Tan saw was able to get free of the plastic bag eventually.

Unfortunately, it may have become ensnared in a piece of trash that could have been left behind by a member of the public.

Thus, this incident should serve as a reminder to dispose of your waste or other objects properly.

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