Girl found living in Circuit Road Market is ‘coping well’, MSF working out care arrangements: MP

15-year-old girl lived in Circuit Road Market as home is far away: Tin Pei Ling

Early last month, it was found that a 15-year-old girl had been living in a stall in Circuit Road Market and Food Centre for about 11 months.

Providing an update on her condition, a Member of Parliament (MP) said that she is “coping well” in hospital.

15-year-old girl reportedly lived in Circuit Road Market stall for 11 months

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is in the process of working out care arrangements for her.

Girl is healthy & happy: MP

The update on the girl was provided by MacPherson MP Tin Pei Ling in a Facebook video posted on Friday (3 May).

She said she had visited the girl in hospital and observed that she was “coping well”.

Source: Tin Pei Ling on Facebook

Not only did she seem healthy, she was “happily” showing off her new soft toys and a Pokemon game card that another patient had given her, Ms Tin added.

Her father also visits her regularly in hospital.

The girl was sent to hospital for a check-up after being discovered in early April, for her safety and well-being.

Girl’s home was far from Circuit Road

Ms Tin shed some light on how the girl came to live at the market, saying that based on her understanding, she and her father are both permanent residents (PRs).

As they live in the northern part of Singapore, their home is far from the market.

Her father, who is a single parent, had rented stalls in the market so he made “arrangements for her to live in that wet market stall”.

It was previously reported that inside the stall, which was estimated to be about 2m by 3m in size, there was a mattress on the floor with two soft toys on it, as well as a table and refrigerator.

Circuit Road arrangement ‘not conducive’ for girl

This “appalling” arrangement was clearly “not right”, Ms Tin said, as it’s “not conducive for the girl”.

It was heartbreaking for the MP, who is a parent herself, to learn that a child had lived in such conditions.

However, she added:

But based on what I have… perhaps the father was just doing what he thought was best for her given their circumstances.

She had previously told the media that she was “shocked” when informed about the girl as she visited the market frequently.

MSF working out care arrangements

Ms Tin said that MSF is working on “a longer-term care arrangement” for the girl.

Obviously, “the best option is to provide a caring environment” for her, though there are a few options.

MSF is also reaching out to potential fosterers to provide foster care for the girl.

Ms Tin promised to keep in touch with MSF and other agencies to check on her well-being.

However, she can’t share certain details as investigations are ongoing and the girl’s privacy must be protected.

According to the police, a 63-year-old man is assisting with investigations into a case of ill-treatment of a child or young person by neglect under the Children and Young Persons Act 1993.

MP urges S’poreans to help

Ms Tin concluded by saying that the case is a reminder of how vulnerable children can be.

She urged Singaporeans to do more to support, protect and care for children, especially those who are more vulnerable.

One thing that married couples can do is consider fostering children and young people. Those who are interested in signing up can reach out to MSF or check out

Another way to help is to report possible cases of abuse and neglect to agencies or the police.

They can be reported via calling the National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline on 1800-777-0000, the police, the community club or the MP.

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