This Pokemon HDB Flat Design Makes Us Wanna Be Legit Trainers In Our Own Homes

Pokemon HDB Design In Tampines Is Fan Goals

Snazzy HDB flat designs prove that our humble abodes need not be boring. Pokemon fans who can’t get enough of pocket monsters will be delighted to know that they can transform their own flat into a Pokemon-themed casa.

Interior designers Absolook showed off a HDB flat design in Tampines that might as well be goals for Pokemon trainers.


Read on to explore the wonderful world of Pokemon together, all from a HDB flat.

Spacious living room

The living room features a wall panel shaped like a Pokeball, while the ceiling also features a similar Pokeball design.


Assorted cute cushions shaped in various Pokemon add to the theme, while a giant Mega Charizard X keeps watch over the living room

Absolook explains that the wooden flooring helps create a cozy ambience. Indeed, we already feel relaxed just looking at the picture.

Giant cozy Snorlax bed for the afternoon naps

Next we have the study room, whose walls were replaced by glass panels so that the room gets more sunlight.


With a cozy Snorlax-shaped bed for the kids to rest in during the day time,

Build a shelf to keep your burgeoning Pokemon merch

Newer homes have bomb shelters, but they can be used in a myriad of different ways.

Absolook opted to have a cut-out so that there’s a shelf to show off your burgeoning Pokemon merch.


Choosing Pikachu in the bedroom

Adorable Pikachu is adorable. Now, you get to be literally surrounded by the lovable critter in this master bedroom.


Adorned with the yellow of the iconic mascot as well as giant figures, you can rest assured that even during the darkest nights, Pikachu will light the way.

Be the best Pokemon HDB flat design there ever was

Pokemon Go need not be the closest you’ll get to becoming a real-life Pokemon trainer. With this HDB design, you can truly catch ’em all and become a Pokemon master.

Merchandise not included, of course.

More pictures can be found here, and if you’re interested in similar interior designs you can go to Absolook to find out more.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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