S’porean Pin Artist Creates Pika Gao, Zam-Bat & Ekans Brand Powder So You Can Relive Your Childhood 

S’porean Kickstarter Makes Pokémon-Themed Asian Medicinal Pins

From crystal Poké balls to ‘peek-a-boo’ socks,  one wonders if there will ever be enough merchandise to satisfy the insatiable hunger of Pokémon fans.

Recently, a Datlas Studio – based in Singapore – launched a Kickstarter campaign selling pins inspired by Asian household medicine like Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa and Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder.

There’s a slight twist though, instead of their conventional names, they are called Pika Gao and Ekans Brand instead.

Here’s what the Pika Gao pin will look like:


These pins, of which there are 11 unique designs, are being sold on the Kickstarter website. They currently have 78 backers and over S$4,200 pledged at the time of writing.

The initial goal was set at just S$600, which means pledgers will definitely be receiving their pins.

If Pika Gao alone isn’t enough to make you shut up and throw your money at the screen, here are some other insanely creative designs based on our childhood medicinal remedies. Beware — you’ll be able to smell some of these images through your screen!

1. Zam-Bat

Most of us would have applied Zam-Bak ointment after a nasty fall which left a bruise. Now, let Zam-Bat heal your wounds without leaving a scar.


Beware though, Zubat might use poison sting or confuse ray.

2. Dittol

The popular variety of Dettol body soap that will transform your very being and claims to get rid of “99% of germs”.


This design is only available for those who back 4 or more pins, as a freebie.

3. VaporeonRub

VapoRub is widely known as an effective remedy for patients suffering from blocked nose.


It’s no coincidence that the Pokemon used for this is Vaporeon, the water and ice type. With its icy breath, that blocked nose will be unblocked in no time.

Cough and flu begone with this fishy variety of VapoRub ointment.

4. Po Chai Pills


We’re really not sure if taking these particular Voltorb and Electrode-filled pills will cure your diarrhoea, as these seem particularly explosive. Take at your own risk.

10+1 designs available

There are more adorable and punny pin designs available, and as with other Kickstarters, there are different tiers to choose from depending on the amount you’d like to pledge.

Higher tiers receive more pins and other delightful goodies. The highest tier, priced at S$130 and no longer available, included every design in the bundle.

If you don’t have much to spare and still wish to support the creators, you can pledge just S$10, which will land you 1 acrylic charm design.

Of course, support does not have to include rewards.

Leave a follow on the creators’ Instagram if you’re keen on following their future work!

Featured image adapted from Kickstarter.

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