These Crystal Poké Balls On Etsy Singapore Contain “Caught” Glow-In-The-Dark Pokémon

Crystal Poké Balls Sold On SG-Based Etsy Shop Make Mesmerising Night Lights

We’ve seen jaw-dropping Pokémon terrariums, but what about Pokémon LED lights?

Online entrepreneur Mr Michael Saba (@glowingpokeballs) creates mesmerising crystal Poké Balls.

To get started, his designers spend hours to perfect each 3D Pokémon model. Once the design is rendered, his team uses laser technology to engrave Pokémon into crystals.


The section in the Poké Balls engraved with 3D Pokémon patterns allows light to stay concentrated in the area, which produces an enchanting glowing effect.


Just when we think we’ve seen all types of Pokémon merch, these Poké Balls prove us wrong.

1. Jigglypuff Poké Ball

Jigglypuff has lured many fans thanks to its rose pink fur and adorable kawaii eyes. While we’ll never have a real-life pet Jigglypuff, we’d love to have this Poké Ball at our bedside every night.


2. Gengar Poké Ball

Kids too scared to sleep after a horror movie can rest in peace with this Gengar. We think it can frighten incoming ghosts.


3. Squirtle Poké Ball

You’ll undoubtedly have sweet dreams with Squirtle at your side. Here’s to hoping you’ll live in a Pokémon-filled wonderland every night.


4. Turtwig Poké Ball

Turtwig is a plant-based Pokémon that relies on sunlight and photosynthesis to stay strong and healthy. We never knew that LED lights could also make it glow until now.


5. Suicune Poké Ball

Suicune is a legendary Pokémon that can instantly purify water wherever it goes. We’re not sure if you’ve caught him in the game, but at least you can have him in your home.


6. Tyranitar Poké Ball

They say Tyranitar can cause earthquakes, destroy mountains, and force cartographers to draw new maps. Fortunately, this version of the powerful Pokémon won’t cause any natural disasters.


7. Charmander Poké Ball

While we think Charmander’s flames can light up any room, we believe his crystallised version can rival his abilities.


8. Mimikyu Poké Ball

Kids afraid of potential monsters under the bed could rely on Mimikyu for protection. It might be able to force supernatural beings to back off.


9. Mew Poké Ball

Mew can make itself invisible at will so you might not be able to catch him easily. While we can instantly order this Poké Ball, we won’t need to worry about him disappearing on us.


10. Pikachu Poké Ball

Just like Ash Ketchum, a Pikachu could bring you luck and win in all your adventures. We’re happy to find that the store also sells glowing Poké Ball keychains that we can bring everywhere we go.


Glowing Poké Ball collection

Mr Saba proves that Pokémon won’t just light up our gaming collection, but they can literally light up our homes too.

The Poké Balls we’ve mentioned are merely some out of many creations from his Etsy shop — GlowingPokeballs. The LED Poké Ball lights are priced from $60 while the keychains start from $25. The business is located primarily in Singapore so you can expect orders to arrive within 1 to 5 business days.

We think these glowing crystal Poké Balls are the next big thing, so you should consider checking them out ASAP.

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram.

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