These Pikachu Avengers Have Assembled To Save Your Universe With Cuteness

Pikachu Avengers Action Figures Could Also Save The Universe From Thanos

There’s nothing wrong with loving both the Avengers and Pokémon but what do you get when you combine the best of both worlds?

DS Studios created Pikachu Avengers action figures. The set features Pikachus dressed as the original roster of our favourite superhero organisation.


If you want to expand your Pokémon collection with these lineup of Pokévengers, here’s what you’ll find.

Pikachu Avengers, Assemble

The Pokévengers will undoubtedly do whatever it takes to save the world from Thanos.

This Captain America-inspired Pikachu is armed with the iconic shield and Mjolnir — otherwise known as Thor’s hammer. We won’t give away any spoilers, but Captain America Pikachu seems worthy to wield the mythical weapon.


Pikachus can apparently build their own super suit, fly great distances and fire repulsor beams on enemies too.


Bigger is better so we don’t mind if this Ant-Man Pikachu does the opposite and transforms into Giant-Man.


Hulk has yet to recover from being badly defeated in Infinity war, but here he is looking so adorable he’s Hulk-smashed the walls we’ve built around our hearts.


We’re curious to see how powerful a Pikachu can get with Thor’s powers and Stormbreaker — the strongest weapon in Asgard’s history.


Love or hate Thanos, we can’t help but fall in love with this Pikachu equipped with the Infinity Gauntlet and a nasty double-bladed weapon.


Available on July 2019

These Pokévengers are available for preorder from Popular Toys – a seller based on Malaysia – and Toy Okoku — a seller based on Australia. It will be available on July 2019.

The price for the action figures range from $50.00 to $155.00 AUD ($47.80 to $148 SGD) at Toy Okoku. The total price in Popular Toys is RM 390 ($128 SGD). Locals should note that the price has yet to include import duties, taxes, tariffs, or custom clearance fees.

In the meantime, we’ll let you know if we find interesting Pikachu and Avengers merch due to the hype for Avengers: Endgame and Detective Pikachu.

Featured image from Toy Okoku.

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