Singaporean Sells Pokémon Terrariums That Are Gorgeously Hand-Crafted

For decades, Pokémon fans have wondered what happens when their cute creatures are recalled into a Poké Ball.

Singaporean Jo Ko (@xevpalletcrafts) imagines their homes as zen gardens, crystal forests and vast oceans through handcrafted Pokémon Terrariums.


We may not be able to enter a Poké Ball (yet) but these dioramas sure make us want to live inside one.

1. Floral terrarium

Sylveon is famous for her calm and peaceful aura maybe because she lives in a sakura-themed wonderland. We wish we could drown in pink crystals in our own bedrooms too.


2. Zen Garden terrarium

They say Milotic is one of the most beautiful Pokémon. Beauty might be subjective but we can confirm that her Japanese zen garden is gorgeous.


3. Electric terrarium

Lightning-based Pokémon like Raichu love to build up their energy. Since they need at least 100,000 volts of electricity, they generate power 24/7.


4. Cemetery terrarium

Mimikyu and Umbreon strike fear into the hearts of many so it’s only fitting that they hang out in cemeteries.


5. Weather terrarium

The legendary weather trio – Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza – look like a family of bickering siblings. If siblings had superpowers, this terrarium accurately depicts their upcoming battles.


6. Ocean terrarium

Gyrados is a Sea King that creates tidal waves and threatens oncoming pirates. Some of you may find the symbol on the flag familiar.


7. Garden terrarium

Bulbasaur is a master gardener with a beautiful yard that he cultivates in his free time.


8. Volcano terrarium

Mega Charizard X lives inside a volcano. While he can melt glaciers and burn forests, we’re surprised to find that he can grow lava-resistant blue flowers as well.


9. Dark terrarium

We never knew Hydreigon’s Dark Pulse could look so beautiful until we caught a glimpse of his nighttime activities.


10. Forest terrarium

Those who love the great outdoors can only dream of having Leafeon’s home. You’ve hiked and interacted with nature but this lush green terrarium takes forests to the next level.


Living inside a Poké Ball

Jo Ko proves that Poké Balls are the most gorgeous apartments’ in the world.

The Singaporean creates handmade Pokémon terrariums that are ideal gifts for loved ones and Pokémon collectors. Her terrariums are priced from $77 and you can make an order through her Etsy store here.

Now that you know how Pokémons live inside their Poké Ball — would you want to live inside one too?

Featured image from Instagram.