Police Officers Stop Fight At Whampoa Hawker Centre After Man Gets Angry At 9-Person Gathering

Whampoa Hawker Centre Dispute Stopped By Police As Fight Starts

Singapore is usually a rather peaceful country. However, fights can sometimes break out in hotspots, with or without the influence or alcohol. Things can get ugly at times too.

But this time, police officers were at the scene right as a dispute turned violent, and they managed to stop the fight in time.

A video shared on All Singapore Stuff, which appears to be taken from a CCTV recording, shows a confrontation between 2 people and and what appears to be a group of 9 others sitting at a row of Whampoa Hawker Centre tables.


But just as the confrontation starts turning physical, 2 police officers appear in the nick of time to stop the fight, tackling the assailant.

Couple talks to group of 9 at Whampoa Hawker Centre

The video is presumably taken on Thursday (14 Jan) at around 9.49pm, judging by the date on the upper right-hand corner.


A man, after watching the group from a distance, skulks over… and orders a coffee from the shop.

But not without pointing some fingers at the group.


One of the people in the group, a women clad in black, walked up to the man and they exchange some words.


A woman, who appears to be associated with the stripe-shirted man, steps in between the 2.

Meanwhile, a man clad in black gets up and also speaks to the man. The woman is apparently trying to take pictures of the group, which they are seemingly trying to prevent.

Then the black-shirted man starts making a phone call to an unknown party.

There’s some agitation shown by both sides, with arms swinging angrily, but no physical contact yet.


Police officers rush in to stop fight at Whampoa Hawker Centre

The man receives his kopi order and joins his companion at a neighbouring table, but tensions appear to be simmering as the 2 parties continue exchanging words.

Then the black-shirted man appears to say something, agitating the 2, specifically the man, into physical action.

It is at that moment that police officers arrive on the scene, and they bravely rush in to stop the stripe-shirted man’s assault on the black-shirted guy.


The police officers appear to then restrain the man off-camera.

You can view the full video here.

Kudos to police officers for stopping fight

We don’t advocate any violence. What the man did wasn’t right, no matter the words which may have been exchanged.

As of yet, it is unclear if the group had broken any law or if there are any pending investigations against them.

But kudos to the police officers for their quick decision to step in and stop the fight, or things may have turned uglier with the amount of objects that could cause hurt around them.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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