10 Popular Shows You Can’t Watch On Netflix Singapore (Yet)

Netflix finally launches in Singapore

On 6 Jan, American internet streaming media Netflix expanded its TV network to 130 new countries, including Singapore. Singaporeans everywhere went into a frenzy knowing that they would be able to watch their favourite TV series online.

Looks like we finally won’t have that darn page telling us “sorry Netflix is not available in your country” anymore.



The monthly pricing for Netflix packages in Singapore is as follows:

Basic:  S$10.98, which allows streaming on a single device at standard definition.
Standard: S$13.98, for High Definition (HD) streaming on two devices.
Premium:S$16.98, Ultra HD 4k  content for 4 devices.



According to reddit users, there are quite a few great movies we can now watch on Netflix.

This guy updates us on the several movies we can catch now on the site. However, he described the TV section as “underwhelming”, suggesting that it still lacks the content users would expect to watch on Netflix.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.36.03 AM


Currently, the TV series that are available include Arrow, Daredevil, Suits, and Jessica Jones.

What are we missing out on?

With the sparse furnishing of TV series in the Singapore’s Netflix, we’ve decided to take a look at shows that Singaporean Netflix-ers will unfortunately miss out on.

This list is not ranked based on popularity.

1. House of Cards

House of Cards is an American political drama series originally produced by Netflix, and is on its third season starring Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood.

Why isn’t it shown in Singapore’s Netflix?

According to a Netflix spokesperson, House of Cards is unavailable due to “global licensing issues”.
house of cards


2. The Walking Dead

Our favourite zombie series is unfortunately not on Netflix.

With The Walking Dead already streaming on cable TV channels like HBO, we’re guessing the cable operators wouldn’t be too comfortable with the series being available on Netflix.

the walking dead


3. Breaking Bad

Basically, this series teaches us that becoming a chemistry teacher isn’t so bad, because we can just drop everything and start cook meth to get the bucks rolling.

Hmm. Maybe we really shouldn’t be airing this to impressionable young kids.



4. The Big Bang Theory

This American comedy series about a group of nerds and their super hot friend first aired in 1999.

Maybe Netflix is opting to roll out the slightly newer series before expanding their catalogue to the older stuff.

big bang theory


5.  The Flash

Channel 5 aired The Flash, so that might have something to do with the superhero drama being unavailable. But then again, Flash’s buddy, Arrow is also on Mediacorp.



6. Futurama

This animated series doesn’t seem to have a particularly big following in Singapore. But you probably know it as the cartoon that gave birth to this meme:



7. Modern Family

This series is a documentary style parody of literally three modern families who live in suburban Los Angeles. This series explores how the three families experience ups and downs with a touch of hilarity.

However, one of Modern Family’s couples is gay. So…it should be quite a while before the mockumentary turns up on Netflix Singapore.

modern familes


8.  Sense8

This series produced by the Wachowskis is not shy to feature homosexual scenes.

However, as most of us know, homosexuality is big no-no in Singapore, hence there’s no surprise this sci-fi drama is not available on Netflix Singapore.

sense 8


9. Friends

The most classic American Sitcom featuring Jennifer Aniston — whom at 51 years old looks as stunning as ever.

As mentioned earlier, perhaps only recent releases — those after 2010 —  are being shown at the moment.

In contrast, Friends is a slightly older series as it aired from 1994 to 2004.



10. Orange Is The New Black

Okay this entry is debatable. But the title is awesome

While Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) is can be streamed on Netflix Singapore, it is censored. Thus, viewers are not able to watch the full version of this series. 

The reason for censorship? Homosexuality.



Netflix is probably still here to stay

Move over Toggle, cause Netflix is finally here.

However, the lack of TV series at the inception of Netflix in Singapore, and these 10 shows which are the rage for people might become deal breakers for those who had intend to pay a monthly sum to watch Netflix.

By the way, the Netflix and chill joke is overused.

netflix chll


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