Woodlands Stall Offers 5 Bowls Of Prawn Mee To The Needy Daily Before Closure

Deanna’s Kitchen Giving Away 5 Bowls Of Prawn Mee Daily Till End Of 2021

Giveaways are often reserved for celebrations or the like. However, this prawn mee giveaway is a sobering reminder of the tough times we are living in.

Deanna’s Kitchen, famous for its halal prawn mee, will be closing its Woodlands outlet permanently in October.


To commemorate this, they will be giving away 5 bowls of prawn mee daily every day until the end of the year.

There will be no strings attached and anyone can come up to redeem the bowl from any of their 4 outlets.

Prawn mee giveaway to first 5 dine-in customers each day

According to the post on Deanna’s Kitchen Facebook page, they will be giving the first 5 customers of each day free bowls of prawn mee.


The giveaway is only for dine-ins and will run every day until the end of 2021.

Covid-19 hit business in Woodlands outlet hard

Having gone through a turbulent 1.5 years, Deanna’s Kitchen said this giveaway is their way of giving a hand to those who need it.

The closure of the Woodlands outlet comes 6 months after it opened in March this year.

In an earlier Facebook post on 6 Sep, they stated that closure seemed inevitable due to frequent rule changes, supplier delays and differences with their landlord.


Giving themselves 2 months to ride out the storm, the closure was finally announced on 21 Sep.

However, this is not the last we’ll see of them in the northern side of Singapore as they have alluded to returning to another location soon.

Here’s what you need to know to get to their Woodlands outlet.

Deanna’s Kitchen Woodlands Outlet – Authentic Halal Prawn Noodles
: Block 182 Woodlands Street 13, #01-06 Food Paradise, Singapore 730182
Opening hours: 11am-9pm

Consider grabbing your next meal from a small business

It’s unfortunate to hear that more businesses are closing down due to the effects of the pandemic.

While the decision to close is no easy one, it’s great to see that even with the impending closure, Deanna’s Kitchen has decided to give away their prawn mee to those in need.

These small businesses could do with our patronage more than ever. So the next time you plan to grab a meal, do consider getting one from a mom-and-pop stall near you.

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