Long Queue Forms At MBS For Latest Swatch-Omega Collab, All 50 Pieces Sold Out

Dozens Queue At MBS Store For Return Of Swatch-Omega Mission to Moonshine Gold

Singaporeans might remember the chaos that ensued in March 2022 when Swatch and Omega launched their MoonSwatch collection.

Crowds popped up at Swatch stores here that were so huge, the police had to be deployed.

On Saturday (3 June), watch lovers turned up to queue for the special-edition Mission to Moonshine Gold, which was making its return for possibly one last time.

Source: Swatch on Instagram

Over at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS), all 50 were sold out.

47 queue outside Swatch MBS store for Omega collab at noon

In a Facebook post at 12 noon on Saturday (3 June), a netizen shared a photo of the queue outside the Swatch store at MBS.

By that time, the line had stretched out to the underpass from Bayfront MRT station.

Source: Goh Beng Yeow via Omega x Swatch Moonwatch on Facebook

The OP said there were 47 people in queue, including himself.

Queue appeared to be orderly

Unlike the chaos last year — when a man told the police to “shoot” him — the queue at MBS appeared to be orderly.

The queue rules were clearly stated on a large sign, stating among other things that each person was limited to only one watch.

Source: Goh Beng Yeow via Omega x Swatch Moonwatch on Facebook

The OP indicated that each person in the queue was also given a wristband.

Source: Goh Beng Yeow via Omega x Swatch Moonwatch on Facebook

All 50 pieces sold out

Asked what time he’d started queueing, the OP replied that he’d been there since 10am.

Source: Goh Beng Yeow via Omega x Swatch Moonwatch on Facebook

Apparently, Swatch didn’t disclose the exact timing of the launch, he said, necessitating the early start for those who wanted the watch.

Eventually, at 2.13pm he added in a comment that just 50 pieces of the watch were sold at MBS, and they had unsurprisingly sold out.

Source: Goh Beng Yeow via Omega x Swatch Moonwatch on Facebook

However, those who decided to queue at the Vivocity store apparently had better luck — a netizen commented that about 100 watches were sold there.

Previous Swatch-Omega releases led to MBS queue

When the MoonSwatch collection was first launched in March 2022, it proved so popular that customers flocked to buy it despite it not being limited-edition.

This prompted Swatch and Omega to roll out the special-edition Mission to Moonshine Gold watch on 7 Mar this year.

It’s basically derived from Omega’s Moonshine Gold watch that debuted in 2019. Moonshine Gold is the name of Omega’s patented gold alloy that’s a mix of gold, silver, copper and palladium.

Source: Sergio Leung on Facebook

Sadly, it was released in only four cities — Zurich, Tokyo, Milan and London — leading to Singapore fans losing out.

But they didn’t have to wait long. Swatch and Omega then decided to launch it again on 6 Apr in 14 cities. A day before the launch, barriers were already placed in the underpass from Bayfront MRT, anticipating the long queue.

Source: bellaella7777 on TikTok

On 5 May, another Mission To Moonshine Gold release caused queues to form two days before the official launch on 7 May.

Source: Alex Ortega on Facebook

Latest watch has floral pattern on seconds hand

The latest release was teased by Swatch to be on 3 June, in 77 cities around the world.

Source: Swatch on Instagram

That represented what might be the last chance for people to get their hands on the watch.

This time, the Mission to Moonshine Gold watch had a flower moon version, with the distinctive seconds hand made of Moonshine Gold featuring a floral pattern.

Source: Yao Zhong Yue on Facebook

Unsurprisingly, queues started forming for this understated watch not just in Singapore, but all over the world.

The queue in Dubai. Source: Gladys Cabrera Reyala on Facebook

As long as the queues are orderly and don’t inconvenience other members of the public, we wish fans all the best in their quest.

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Featured image adapted from Goh Beng Yeow via Omega x Swatch Moonwatch on Facebook and Swatch on Instagram.

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