This Ramen Ice Kacang Has Savoury Miso Broth, Beansprouts & Pork Slices In Japan

Japan Has Ramen Ice Kacang For Fans Who Love A Good Miso Broth

A sweet, chilly bowl of ice kacang is a post-dinner staple for Singaporeans who have a sweet tooth.

Japan just came up with a wacky rendition of the shaved ice dessert, one involving thick miso broth, in delectable frozen wisps of ice.


The fusion of salty soup and ice sounds confusing and fascinating in equal measure and netizens are definitely intrigued. Let’s take a closer look at what the ‘dessert’ entails.

Miso ramen ice kacang has pork & bean sprouts

The tremendously popular miso ramen is taking a different form under the instruction of Japanese ramen chain Bankara, in a product announced on 15 Jun.


Officially, the dish is named “Shaved Ice Hiyashi Miso Ramen”. However, its striking resemblance to our colourful local dessert compels us to understand it as ramen-flavoured ice kacang.


Instead of finding jelly or corn at the bottom, customers will be surprised with a different set of ingredients.

Char shu pork, fermented bamboo shoots and bean sprouts will be added — typical toppings you’ll find in regular bowls of springy, soupy Japanese noodles.


These additional veggies & meat are then topped with noodles and a thick miso broth before shaved ice is sprinkled on top, according to Grapee.

Cold & savoury desserts

We would imagine it to taste like cold noodles – aka soba or naengmyun – respectively common dishes in Japanese and Korean cuisine.

For Singaporeans who are unfamiliar with this style of food, trying this ramen shaved ice for the first time may result in pretty peculiar sensations & first impressions.


However, the presentation of the dish certainly looks attractive enough to garner interest from more adventurous foodies out there.

One can try this cold miso ramen at only S$11.42 (880 yen) at Bankara outlets in Japan. More information on the list of outlets here, in case you’d like to bookmark this wild kacang variant for future travel plans.

Savoury ice kachang, yay or nay?

As Covid-19 may be separating us from dipping our metal spoons into delicious bowls of savoury shaved ice, it might take some time before we can try this in person.

Meanwhile, we can go back to locally available options like dabao-ed iced chendol or Korean bingsu to beat the heat.

What other adventurous ice kachang flavours have you witnessed? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Ramen Bankara on Instagram.

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