Chocolate Ramen In Japan Is The Perfect V-Day Meal For Sweet Couples Who Love Japanese Noodles

Japanese Restaurant Launches Limited Edition Chocolate and White Chocolate Ramen

Not long ago, pictures of bubble tea ramen in Malaysia went viral on social media. Apparently, sweet ramen isn’t a new concept.


Recently, a Japanese ramen store, Kourakuen, just reintroduced their novel Chocolate Ramen to the menu.


The chain eatery also introduced a creamier version of the former — White Chocolate Ramen.


Chocolate ramen is a unique mix of cocoa oil & soy sauce

As the month of love approaches, the dish celebrates chocolates — an essential for Valentine’s Day.

The unique broth is a unique mixture of cocoa oil and soy sauce.

Described to have a mild taste of chocolate, it still retains the rich taste unique to ramens.

As seen in the promotion images, the bowl is topped with what looks like generous amounts of chashu, garlic, bamboo shoot, and fishcake.


But the star of the dish is, without doubt, the chocolate bar that is stuck into the noodles, which we imagine will melt into the broth to form a sweet and salty chocolate-flavoured ramen.


You can take your pick from two options

This year, Korakuen also launched a white-chocolate version of their original invention.


The broth is salt-based and cream is incorporated to form a thick and milky soup base.

Of course, cocoa oil is added for an extra kick, with white chocolate as the perfect complement.


The lighter White Chocolate Ramen definitely looks much more accessible for people who are easing their way into the idea of this novel dish.


The good news is, Kourakuen is selling each bowl at only S$8 (640 Yen), more affordable than most ramen in Singapore.


Chocolate ramen might be surprisingly tasty

While many might be wary of this peculiar combination of sweet and savoury, some netizens beg to differ.

They encourage people to give the dish a chance and not outrightly dismiss the idea of chocolate soup as being foul.


The dish is available from 30 Jan to 11 Mar, so couples can head over to the restaurant for their Valentine’s Day date.


If you are visiting Japan soon, do head down to Korakuen outlets to try their innovative take on ramen.

You can find the list of stores from their official website.

Featured image adapted from Instagram & Instagram

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