This Ramen Phone Case With Boba, Evian Bottles & Instant Noodles Is The Most Asian Cover Ever

This 3D Mini Ramen Phone Case Is The First Bizarre Accessory Trend Of 2020

We’re calling it now. This mini ramen phone case with iconic Asian snacks stuck to it will be the latest in a long list of bizarre trends for jelly phone covers in 2020.


Feast your eyes on this conglomeration of a typical Asian supper — a hearty packet of Shin’s kimchi ramen, a cup of bubble tea and bottled Evian water to wash it all down.

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Just like you, we’re absolutely floored that someone thought to paste adorable mini-mes of these snacks at the back of phones. Here’s how to get your hands on them in Singapore.

Mini packs of Shin ramen & boba on phone cases

Since the latest iPhones are a dime a dozen these days, you can help yours stand out with a phone case that will leave your nieces and nephews gawking.


These snack phone cases are made of a translucent silicone layer – aka ‘jelly’ cases – with 3D acrylic models of different brands of Korean ramen, instant noodles, boba cups and mineral water bottles stuck to the base.

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Depending on the color of your phones, the snacks will stand out best against your white or black iPhone surfaces.

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Incredibly life-like detail for Asian snacks

As a testament to the quality of the mini snack replicas, you’ll be able to make out the pearls in the cup of boba, and even individual noodle strands in pockets of instant ramen.

ramen phone caseSource

When viewed from the side, the attention to detail is tremendous.

ramen phone caseSource

We can make out the ridges of the Evian mineral water bottle clearly, along with the edges of the ramen packets.

M&Ms & people in pills stuck to phones

Fancy M&Ms appended to the back of your phone? Alternative designs with the same concept are available too.


Life-sized replicas of the candy-coated bite-sized chocolates add a cheeky pop of colour and texture to the back of your phones.


There’s also a strange collection of mini people in pill-like capsules for an artsy alternative, because why not.


How to get them in Singapore

We’ve found a few listings online for these adorable snack phone cases, but prices vary from S$18-$25 if you ship them from abroad.


There’s also a listing on Taobao for only S$4.48 (¥23) for the latest iPhone models. Do note that this price isn’t inclusive of the shipping costs to Singapore.

For Android users, we haven’t found an equivalent yet, but do let us know in the comments if you have chanced upon them before.

Instant love for ramen phone cases

Lunar New Year isn’t just the time to show off your fresh new manicures, dresses or hairdos. We’re sure the instant love your loved ones will feel for these ramen phone cases will be a funny conversation starter during reunion dinners with the fam.

What other mini-snacks would you like to see stuck to your phone? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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