Family Of Rayyan Will Donate Money To Needy After Processing Refunds

A baby with a rare spinal condition unfortunately passed on during New Year’s Day (1 Jan), of an unknown cause.

1-Year-Old S’porean With Rare Spinal Condition Passes Away, Mum Thanks Public For Donations

The family had initially sought donations for his medical treatment, but they stopped the fundraising upon his death.

On Tuesday (5 Jan), they updated that after making refunds to those who requested for them, they’ll proceed to donate the remainder to the needy.

Family of Rayyan processing refund requests

Days after Baby Rayyan passed away on 1 Jan, the family said that they’ll be making refunds to those who’d requested them.


Yes, they have to make refunds even though the family is grieving over the passing of Rayyan.

The family gave instructions for how to request for a refund from GiveAsia and GoGetFunding, and said the last day for these requests is 11 Jan.

Rayyan’s family will donate remaining amounts to needy

The family revealed that they collected a combined total of $498,817, from these 2 platforms:

  • GiveAsia – $153,353
  • GoGetFunding – $345,464

These amounts are before tax deductions and they’ll update the finalised amounts later.

In an update on 5 Jan, the family said they will make the refunds within 7 working days of the closing date.


Following this, they’ll donate the rest to the needy.

Apparently, they’ve identified a few families and individuals as targets for donations.

Family thanks those who requested mother to keep donations

Meanwhile, the family also thanks those who contacted them personally to allow Rayyan’s mother to keep their donations so she can take care of her other 4 children.

They really appreciative the kind thoughts and gestures they’ve received, they said in the update.

That said, some netizens aren’t very happy that the family has to make refunds at all.

Regardless, Rayyan’s family will be doing so in accordance with the requests they received.

Kudos to Rayyan’s family

Kudos to the family of Rayyan for deciding to donate the remainder to the needy.

We hope that as the family grieves for Rayyan, they may be able to find peace.

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