Man Who Brought Samurai Sword To Coffee Shop Also Threatened to Burn Down Hospital

Nurses usually suffer the brunt of rebellious patients.

For one nurse at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, this came in the form of a man threatening to cause an explosion.

On 24 January last year, 52-year-old Abdul Nasir Abdul Rahim was brought into the hospital’s A&E for intoxication.


The erratic drunkard came in with swinging arms and loud insults aimed at the staff.

Shortly after, placed in the emergency ward.

He then asked the nurse for some rice, to which the nurse responded that they did not have any.

40 minutes later, a frustrated Nasir whipped out his lighter, held it to the oxygen port, saying threateningly to the nurse,

If I don’t see rice in front of my eyes in five minutes, I will burn the hospital (down).

Fearing an explosion, the nurse cleverly promised him that she will return with some rice — when in fact she had gone to alert security officers.

The police later arrested Nasir.

Visiting a coffee shop with a samurai sword

If there’s anything consistent about Nasir, it is his ability to unsettle public peace.

On 11 June 2017, merely months after the hospital hullabaloo, Nasir got heavily drunk again.

This time he brought a samurai sword to a coffee shop at Yishun Street 31.

Coffee shop at Yishun Street 31

He had done the same on 30 September the previous year.

Thankfully, on both occasions, Nasir had kept the sword sheathed.

Not the actual sword

Still, imagine the public’s fright at seeing a drunk man swaying about with a samurai sword at his side!

Spitting, swearing, and attempting to bite police officers

As if Nasir couldn’t get enough of lawful intervention, he made a call to the police on 15 September that same year and said to them:

Can you send Bedok Police to pick me up (at) Bedok Sheng Shiong taxi stand? I know somebody going to put a bomb at some railing so better take me to the station.

When the police arrived at his location, Nasir told them that he had seen a suspicious Chinese man loitering at Bedok MRT station.

The officers did a sweep of the area, but found nothing.

They subsequently arrested Nasir for making a false report.

But the nuisance didn’t end there.

Once inside the police car, Nasir taunted, swore at, and tried to bite some of the officers.

One unfortunate officer even got spat cleanly in the face.

No country for dangerous drunks

For the 3 offences, Nasir was sentenced on 15 October to a jail term of 3 years and 2 months.

Jail terms are nothing new to Nasir, who has had many past convictions, including some for rape and criminal intimidation.

So at least for a while, the residents of Yishun won’t have to worry about a samurai sword-wielding drunk queuing up behind them, or even coming to share a table.

Featured image from Dreamstime, Redwire, and Google Maps