S’porean Found The Cash Envelope At Sims Place

On 24 Apr, a kind Samaritan reached out to MS News in an attempt to identify the owner of an envelope containing $400 cash, dropped along Sims Place.


2 weeks later on Friday (10 May), the netizen who found the envelope, Ms Poh, updated us that the owner of the cash has been found.

Found on KL Facebook page

Ms Poh posted appeals on various Facebook pages in order to find the original owner of the money.

One such page she turned to was KL吹水站.

Slightly more than 2 weeks later, the owner of the envelope commented on the post and claimed the money.

English translation: 

Contact you via private message, I dropped the money.

The owner promptly contacted Ms Poh via private message on Facebook and provided the necessary details for her to ascertain his identity.

English translation:

The envelope is (colour), has been opened before, has my name XXX written on it. The envelope also has (number) written on it, when I brought it into XXX, there was still (amount of money) inside.

Money was almost “half his salary”

According to Miss Poh, the owner is a Malaysian, and the money in the envelope amounted to almost half of his salary.

A good deed done

This incident highlights how social media can be used for the good of society.

After all, the original owner of the cash was found within just 16 days.

We’re glad that the owner of the cash has been found, and props to Miss Poh for her integrity in returning the hard-earned money.

Featured image from Google Maps.