Sing Heng Café In Bugis Has Eastern & Western Dishes For The Best Of Both Worlds

The rice-loving Asian in you may sometimes scratch your head over where to have a meal with bae, who prefers burgers and pizzas.

Hours of suggesting places and vetoing each other’s ideas may be a thing of the past now that Sing Heng Café has opened in Bugis.

Image courtesy of Sing Heng

Promising a culinary adventure where East meets West, you’ll be able to find something to everyone’s liking.

And with all-day breakfasts under $20, they’re certainly changing up the game for weekend brunches. Read on for a sneak peak of what they have to offer.

Experience traditional Asian food with a twist

Decadent Chinese New Year (CNY) meals often include abalone, consumed as a side dish with rice.

But if bae’s idea of a festive meal involves a slice of Italian dough, Sing Heng’s Superior Seafood Pizza with Baby Abalone may be more up his alley.

Superior Seafood Pizza With Baby Abalone – $15.80
Image courtesy of Sing Heng

A tomato-based pizza with generous portions of baby abalone, prawns, and crab meat, it is – as its name suggests – a superior way to enjoy the atas shellfish.

Since pizzas are usually for sharing, you and your SO can enjoy the perfect marriage of East and West on a platter.

Those who prefer to err on the side of caution without being too predictable can try the Honeydew Crabmeat Fried Rice, which adds a refreshing twist to the Asian favourite.

Honeydew Crabmeat Fried Rice – $17.80
Image courtesy of Sing Heng

Fried rice is mixed with succulent chicken, fresh crab meat, and fish roe — all nestled in a hollowed honeydew halve. Now that’s truly a dish that’s one in a melon.

If that’s still not traditional enough, there’s the Crispy Egg Fried Noodle, with lavish portions of fresh scallop, prawns, and squid.

Crispy Egg Fried Noodle – $13.80
Image courtesy of Sing Heng

Savour the crackle of the noodles with comforting seafood broth, and you’ll immediately be taken back to the atmosphere of familiar zi char restaurants.

Classic Western dishes to satisfy your brunch cravings

Folks going all out to zhng their CNY meals may want to completely depart from the rice and noodle staples.

Sing Heng’s Soft Shell Crab Burger has a whole crab sandwiched between fluffy sesame buns that’ll give you an interesting combination of crunchy and pillowy textures.

Soft Shell Crab Burger – $15.80
Image courtesy of Sing Heng

The chonk of a burger is balanced out nicely with a side of sweet potato fries and salad, so you won’t feel too jelak.

Vegetarians need not miss out, as the Wild Mushroom Pizza with button, Portobello, and shiitake mushrooms is packed with all the proteins you need.

Wild Mushroom Pizza – $11.80
Image courtesy of Sing Heng

Drizzled with fragrant truffle garlic mayo, this gorgeous dish might just steal a pizza your heart. Bae better watch out.

Breakfast junkies who love a good brunch all day, err day would adore Sing Heng’s Signature Breakfast.

Sing Heng Signature Breakfast – $ 10.80
Image courtesy of Sing Heng

You can never go wrong with the age-old combination of sausage, bacon, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, scrambled eggs, and toast.

Bar bites & drinks for a good time with friends

A special occasion like CNY gives you a free pass to indulge in some greasy bites, and the Flyer Fortune gives you all the best options.

Flyer Fortune – $16.80, Buffalo Fries – $5
Image courtesy of Sing Heng

From tempura prawns to sweet potato fries, the dish takes you on a round trip of fried food goodness, with a medley of sauces to pair with.

Looks like the Singapore Flyer isn’t the only Ferris wheel worthy of a coveted spot on your Instagram feed.

Wash down those bites with drinks which you can get for the entire crew, if you decide to make it a triple or quadruple date.

2 Jinro Soju & 5 Milkis Carbonated Milk Drink or Hot6ix Energy Drink – $33
Image courtesy of Sing Heng

Sing Heng’s Happy Hour combo lets you order a whole set of 8 drinks at just $33, so you can really mean it when you say, “Drinks on me.”

Whether you’d like a sip of alcohol or prefer to steer clear of it, there’s something for everyone. Just make sure to order by 9.30pm, and finish your drinks by 10.30pm.

If you can’t wait to check out the café, here’s how to get there:

Sing Heng Cuisine
Address: 2 Tan Quee Lan St, #01-02, Singapore 188091
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm daily
Nearest MRT: Bugis Station

Something for everyone at Sing Heng

Deciding on food that’ll satisfy your ang moh taste buds and bae’s traditional palette need not be difficult when you can find both in 1 place.

Planning dates will be a breeze, that you’ll go home with happy faces and even happier stomachs.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Sing Heng.

Featured image courtesy of Sing Heng.