Man Starts Petition For Singapore Flyer To Spin Faster & Blow Haze Away

Singapore has been enshrouded in haze over the last week. And we’re all hoping for a way that this crisis will be over.

A Singaporean has gotten so “sick and tired” of the haze that he came up with a bizarre, yet potentially ingenious idea that may be the answer to our hazy woes.

On Wednesday (18 Sep), he started a petition in hopes of mobilising an epic contraption – the Singapore Flyer – which he deemed a viable solution to combat the haze.


The petition, named “Make the Singapore Flyer spin faster to blow the haze away”, was posted on Facebook too. It has garnered 409 shares at the time of writing.

Singapore Flyer is basically a “huge fan”

In the petition description, the man mentioned that “the Singapore Flyer is basically a huge fan” and “making it spin faster will help to blow the haze away”.


For some context, Singapore Flyer’s official website shows that our iconic Ferris wheel rotates at a speed of 0.24m/s, which apparently is slower than a walking turtle.


So, can you imagine how much faster the Singapore Flyer has to spin to effectively blow the smog away? Food for thought.

The man added that this is probably the best option so far, as purchasing a mask to beat the haze would just add on to our “insane living costs”.

Intrigued? You may sign the petition here.

Malaysian man proposed “Blow Back The Haze” day

He’s not the only one who’s had inspiring ideas on how to eradicate the haze, though.

Last Thursday (12 Sep), a Malaysian Twitter user suggested that 16 Sep should be called “Blow Back The Haze” day.

According to SAYS, he urged all Malaysians to “leave their homes with table fans and fan stands and point them towards Indonesia’s direction.”

“Collectively, let’s all blow the haze back to Indo! Come on, citizens of Malaysia!”

Hence, he instructed West Malaysians to turn their fans towards southwest, while East Malaysians should turn their fans southwards.

This is an illustration of his plan.


You can read more about his amazing idea here.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

If there’s one thing we learnt from these brilliant ideas, it would be that Singaporeans and Malaysians are really creative.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.

What do you think of the Singapore Flyer petition? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image adapted from Marina Bay Sands, Free PNG Download and GoPetition.