Netizen Hilariously Ranks Masks By Their ‘Power Score’ For Effectiveness Against The Haze

Netizen Creates Funny Cartoons On Types Of Masks Used During Haze & Rates Them

Have you seen people walking around a surgical mask or a homemade mask on their face, now that it’s haze season?

Well, Malaysian financial consultant Kenny Liew probably noticed and took it upon himself to ‘rank’ the effectiveness of the various masks used to protect yourself from the haze.

The hilarious series of infographics breaks down the ‘power score’ of different kinds of masks you can use during the haze season.


Masks for haze, sorted by ‘power’

There are many masks, but some are created better than others. Here are their rankings, according to Mr Liew.

1. Surgical mask

This mask is used to catch fluids – like when you sneeze – so it’s basically useless against the haze.


But please do wear one if you are ill. Many people seem to have fallen ill lately because of the haze.

Because this mask is pretty useless in preventing air particles from getting inhaled, it received a power score of 2/10. So

Mr Liew was left wondering why the government would decide to send half a million of them to schools to help students combat the haze.

2. ‘Kakashi’ mask

The Kakashi mask – a name which takes after a character from the popular anime Naruto – is, according to the power score, even worse than a surgical mask.


Other than making you look like a character from the anime, it literally serves no other purpose. Okay, maybe it lets you outrun the haze with a ‘Naruto Run’.

It received a power score of 1/10 — most likely only because of its aesthetic appeal.

3. ‘Chernobyl’ mask

The ‘Chernobyl’ mask, AKA a bio-hazard mask is used under the most extreme circumstances.


The mask is used to prevent the user from inhaling dangerous airborne pollutants and toxic gases.

Needless to say, it received a remarkable score of 15/10. Even if the haze reaches that historic 400 PSI, wear this and you’ll be as safe as you would be in the Swiss alps.

4. Homemade mask

The homemade mask is usually made by your wife, mom or grandma. And once they make it, you have to wear it. No if’s, no but’s, or you’re getting thrown out of the house.


We’re not really sure of the real power score of this mask because Mr Liew gave it a generous 10/10 — for “my mum to see”. Haze or not, this is what filial piety looks like.

5. N95 mask

The N95 masks are probably the only practical and useful mask in the list. It ensures that you are well-protected against the haze and prevents you from inhaling unwanted particles.


For this classic go-to in case of the haze, N95 gets a power score of 10/10.

6. Beauty mask

This is certainly most useless mask on the list — for guarding against the haze, that is.


Yes, the one that your girlfriend, wife or mother wear during the night. If you wear that out, people may actually Stomp you and call you ‘siao’.

A power score of -100/10 is not surprising. It’s good for your skin, but certainly not against the haze.

Wear a mask if necessary

We’re not sure how accurate Mr Liew’s power ranking of the masks is, but on a serious note, do wear a mask – preferably N95 – if you have to go out for long periods of time.

Also remember to drink more water and get more rest, because many people are falling sick because of the haze, and you wouldn’t want to get infected too.


Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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