Singapore Polytechnic Investigates Student For “Offensive Remarks” After Netizens Reveal Past Posts

Singapore Polytechnic Student Made Offensive Comments On Social Media In 2019

Over the past few days, several posts highlighting racism by Singaporeans have popped up on social media, many authored by students.

In what is now the 3rd incident of racism from a student this week, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has acknowledged posts with “offensive remarks” made by one of their students in 2019 and said they’re investigating.


They also said in the statement that they expect all in the SP community to hold themselves to the highest standards at all times.

The male student is apparently enrolled in the Singapore Maritime Academy at Singapore Polytechnic, according to the Twitter post that whistle-blowed the comments.

Instagram stories depict racism towards minorities

In a series of screenshots capturing the male student’s Instagram stories on Twitter, a netizen called out the student while stating her disappointment at her childhood friend.

The stories which MS News saw talk about:

  • Being grouped with 3 “stupid f***s”, including 2 people from different minority racial groups
  • Complaining about his assignment while insinuating that being an engineer is meant for certain minority groups
  • Complaining about a worker – he uses a racial slur here – spraying water on his shoes while cleaning the floor
  • Claiming his school consists of a certain racial group and useless people. He also disparages polytechnic students in the same story.

The Twitter post has since been removed.

No room for racism in Singapore

Anyone found making remarks wounding racial or religious feelings in Singapore will be punished with a fine, jailed, or both.

This is not including school-related punishments, which are separate from the above.

There is no room for racism in Singapore, especially those which make assumptions about other racial groups.

It’s unfortunate that such racially insensitive posts are being made by youths and more education is needed to change such mindsets.

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