This S’pore Esports Team’s Headquarters Has A Massive Pool Table, Recording Studio & Is Basically Office Goals

Singaporean Esports Team Resurgence Now Has A Dedicated Gaming Headquarters

Parents, are your children ‘playing too much computer’? Maybe all that gaming could be leveraged into a career?

Local esports organisation Resurgence (RSG) has debuted their new headquarters in a video on Friday (19 Jul), and we gotta say the office is literal goals.

We show you more of the facility below.

Murals & expensive gaming chairs

A majestic player banner adorns the working space, and a mural has even been commissioned to line the wall.


There is a dedicated practice space for all of their players filled with the latest gaming equipment, including Omnidesk adjustable desks.


Perhaps you’d like to be the next Dr Disrespect or Pewdiepie? There are full-time streamers under RSG, with a dedicated production studio and equipment for them to make high-quality stream.


Recreational activities like a Pool Table and Darts Board are available for employees to unwind, since players can’t just be gaming at their computers all day long.



Speaking of gaming all day, one needs good seats to ensure comfort. RSG headquarters is decked out with Secret Lab™ chairs for maximum comfort.


And finally, for the biggest flex of all, the trophy cabinet.


Is an esports career finally viable?

Gaming and esports have been growing rapidly for years, but the government has only very recently acknowledged esports as a key area of growth for young students on the hunt for an alternative career path.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong trying his hand at Dota 2

Now that teams like Resurgence are up and running with a professional work environment, and others soon to follow –  can esports become taken seriously as a career in Singapore?

We don’t see why not, if the trend continues. For young gamers whose dream it is to become a professional, keep working and the opportunities will present themselves. Resurgence themselves feature some gamers who are still in secondary school or polytechnics.

As for parents, maybe it’s time to acknowledge that your sons and daughters can really make money from playing games.

Featured image from Facebook.

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