Smiling Dog In Backpack At Farrer Park MRT Is The Perfect Perk-Me-Up For The Week Ahead

Dog In Special Backpack Spotted At Farrer Park MRT Station, Adorably Grins At Commuters Staring Its Way

Commuting home on a Monday night might easily be the most dreadful activity, especially for those suffering from Monday Blues.

Yet on Monday (17 Feb), a netizen named Eugenia encountered something special on her evening commute that instantly erased all our Monday fatigue.


Yes, that’s right, it’s a small white doggo in a backpack. Even better, it sits with puppy eyes and a huge grin plastered across its face.

The small dog peers out from a transparent backpack

On Monday (17 Feb) at around 8.20 pm, Eugenia was walking along the underpass from Farrer Park MRT towards City Square Mall.

She spotted a man carrying what looks deceptively like a typical backpack, walking in the same direction.


Upon closer inspection, she noticed a white furry dog sitting inside the see-through casing.


The transportation device looks well-cushioned, and the small dog was evidently enjoying her ‘ride’.

Unable to resist the adorable grin, the netizens took multiple pictures of this pleasant surprise that made her Monday night.

She shared the cute picture of the dog and it’s transportation device on Facebook, garnering much attention from fellow dog-lovers.


Special backpack designed for dogs and other pets

A dog in a backpack is uncommon, precisely because putting pets in a bag raises concerns over the lack of ventilation.


There is no need to worry, however, as the bag is specially designed as a pet carrier — convenient for both the pet and owner.

The netizen shared with MS News that she did observe mesh “windows” on both side pockets and smol circular ventilating holes surrounding the entire bag, though it may not be visible in the photos.


These pet backpacks are not made just for dogs, but also cats that might be harder to bring out for walks.

Picture courtesy of an MS News reader

Pictures of dog in bagpack made our day

Like Eugenia, the sight of this adorable doggo gave us a fuzzy feeling inside and clearly made our days.

We, in particular, loved how much the dog seems to be enjoying the ‘ride’.

Pet owners can purchase their own pet carriers on online shopping sites such as Lazada.

Have you seen pets being transported using these carriers? Share photos of them in the comments below!

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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