Rare Solar Eclipse Unites Thousands On Streets, Shows S’poreans Got New Pastime Other Than Queuing

“Ring Of Fire” Solar Eclipse Graces Our Skies Again After 20 Years & It’s Beautiful AF

For those who don’t know, the annular Solar Eclipse happens when the moon partially covers the sun. Or more commonly known as when the Moon, Sun, and Earth aligns.


And in case didn’t already know, the Solar Eclipse just happened today (26 Dec) after 20 long years.

This rare sight has got Singaporeans rushing out of offices and shopping malls to capture the historical moment. And trust when we say, the pictures are beautiful AF.

Thousands gathered at Marina Barrage, Orchard Road & CBD area

According to The Straits Times, this year’s solar eclipse happened at about 11.30am today (26 Dec).

Prior to that, many Singaporeans were seen gathered around famous tourist spots like Marina Barrage.

Picture of the crowd at Marina Barrage, taken by 8World News reporter

Or if you were shopping around Orchard Road early today, you probably came across a huge crowd with their phones pointed upwards trying to get a shot of the rare sight.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

Many 9-6 office workers were also sighted around the Central Business District (CBD) trying to get a glimpse of the solar eclipse. We sure hope they got some good pics themselves.


Even students took a break from school and gathered around the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus.


According to an MS News reader, places like Haji Lane are even giving out free glasses to protect our eyes from the UV rays.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

Beautiful AF pictures posted online

As expected, many aesthetic shots of the solar eclipse made it to social media platforms like Instagram. Here are a few that we really liked.

This shot taken at Marina Bay accurately captured the moon covering the sun as the entire sky turns dark. It looks so mysterious, almost like a screengrab from a movie scene.


Even artistic shots like the one below was shared online. This shot depicts the eclipse reflected onto the photographer’s palm using what seems like an astronomical telescope.


Apart from that, many MS News readers have also submitted beautifully shot photos of the solar eclipse.

This shot in particular was taken using a Neutral Density filter that helps reduce the solar flare.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

Here’s another beautiful shot submitted.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

A reader also jokingly submitted a box of eclipse mints under the sun — Solar Eclipse. LOL.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

Catch a glimpse before it’s too late

According to a time sheet by Eclipse Portal, the partial eclipse is still happening in Singapore from now until 3.18pm.

So in case you missed the one before, chiong out of your rooms now, you might be able to catch a last glimpse of it.

Else, you’ll just have to wait another 20 years for the next one.

Have you taken any pictures of the solar eclipse? Do share them with us in the comments below.

Feature images courtesy of MS News reader and adapted from Instagram.

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