Sonno Will Pay A Sleep Executive $1,500 To Sleep On Their Mattress

Sleeping on the job is generally frowned upon here in Singapore. But what if we told you that there’s a company looking for sleepyheads in their new role?

It may sound too good to be true, but mattress company Sonno is in search of sleep executives who can snooze on their mattresses for 8 hours a day.


The Singapore-based firm is offering $1,500 to anyone who’s up to take their sleeping professionally.

However, it’s not all sleep and no work as Sonno will be collecting data based on your sleeping habits to better enhance their product offerings.

Sleep executive will have to document their sleep for 100 nights

In a press release on 6 Sep, Sonno announced that they are looking to hire a sleep executive — a pro sleeper who will be snoozing on their mattresses for 8 hours on end.

The position comes with a sizeable offering of $1,500.

According to the job description listed on their website, potential candidates will have to sleep on their mattresses for 100 nights. They will also need to be social media savvy as your sleep will need to be recorded and documented on social media.


Aside from your own documentation, Sonno is looking for data on how the pandemic has changed our sleeping habits.

Sonno will provide a new mattress for a good night’s sleep

If you manage to land the job, travel won’t be a problem as you’ll essentially be working from the comfort of your bedroom.

Sonno will be sending 1 queen-sized mattress, 2 pillows, and a bed sheet set so your new workspace is covered.

The best part is, the entire bed set will be yours to keep, so you’ll be enjoying a long-time perk from the experience.


They are already accepting applications for the role and you have until 19 Sep to submit yours. If accepted, you’ll get to start the job as early as Oct 2021.

To apply for the role, simply sign up via their website here.

Grab your chou chou & try your luck

This role sounds like a literal dream job for most of us. Getting paid for something we do for free every night? Sign us up.

Surely no sleep will be quite as rewarding as this, as you can get some much-needed rest while pocketing some dollars.

Hurry and grab your chou chou and apply before the application deadline.

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Featured image adapted from Sonno.