100 Free No-Pull Harnesses To Be Distributed By SPCA

Training pets is hard work and in some cases, extremely challenging.

For that reason, some owners and training schools might resort to using more aversive tools like shock and prong collars to train their dogs.

Recently, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and animal-lovers have been trying to raise awareness on the cruelty of such collars.

S’poreans Try Prong & Shock Collars To Show Cruelty, Advise Dog Owners Not To Use Them

Turning their words into tangible action, SPCA – in collaboration with Shopee – is now distributing free pet harnesses in exchange for aversive training tools.

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This initiative will take place until next Saturday (31 Oct) and 100 free no-pull harnesses will be issued.

SPCA exchanging abrasive tools for free harnesses

In partnership with Shopee, SPCA has launched an initiative allowing dog owners to exchange aversive tools for no-pull harnesses.

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Aversive tools include electric shock, choke, as well as prong collars.

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Subject to demand, SPCA will also consider exchanges for martingale collars, slip leashes, and standard flat collars.

The animal group is planning to exchange 100 no-pull harnesses for aversive training tools.

Applications will close on 31 Oct and collection will begin around 22 Nov.

SPCA aims to promote humane training methods

This initiative is in line with SPCA’s “Teach with Kindness #ChooseForceFree” campaign. It aims to promote humane training methods and raise standards within the local animal training industry.

On 2 Oct, SPCA addressed the cruelty of forceful, punishment-based training methods in Singapore via a Facebook post.


These worrying methods include kicking and choking dogs, ultimately inflicting fear, pain, distress.

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In many cases, tools such as shock and prong collars are also used to train the dogs.

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Sadly, such practices are still observed in Singapore, mostly used to train dogs.

SPCA calls for ban on shock collars

SPCA advocates for more force-free, rewards-focused animal training methods instead of abrasive ones.

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They have also renewed their call for a ban on shock collars.

In addition, Shopee will be pledging their support for the cause and are now in the process of removing shock collars from their listing platform.

Pledge your support for SPCA’s cause

Kudos to SPCA for advocating for these voiceless animals. Indeed, there are better methods to train pets than resorting to such aversive and punitive methods.

If you’re a pet owner who has such training tools and wish to exchange it, do remember to apply soon. The free harnesses are limited to the first 100 successful applicants.

You can also learn more about the cause and show your support for SPCA’s initiative by signing their Animal Training Pledge here.

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Featured image adapted from Business Insider and Facebook.