The SPH Scandal Caused A Stir Online

You’ve probably already heard about the disciplinary case involving 2 senior editors and a female subordinate from The Straits Times.

If you haven’t, perhaps it’s because Singapore Press Holdings was so low-key with its statement. It released it in an article on Wednesday evening (3 Oct) and didn’t even share it on Facebook.

Thankfully, it’s not a premium article so you can read it in full here. Or simply read our coverage here:

Straits Times Editors Disciplined For Alleged ‘Improper Relations’ With Subordinate

Netizens have lapped up the scandalous story and as MustShareNews discovered, they’ve begun playing the blame game.

But perhaps unfairly, many have singled out the woman in the case, calling her all sorts of misogynistic names.

Hardwarezone on fire

Soon after ST broke the news, the discussion dominated Hardwarezone, where a thread has received thousands of comments and views.

Fuelled by anonymity, commenters went crazy with their responses to the incident.

One even declared the girl in question was a “slutwhore”. Disturbingly, one netizen called her the “public toilet of the year”.

Warning: The comments below might offend some. 


Speculating that the girl was a scholar, one implied that she had received the scholarship because of her relationship.


The pervasiveness of the victim-blaming mentality is evident from the comments.

Both editors not spared from netizens’ jibe

SPH has remained tight-lipped about who the editors involved are. But The Online Citizen has named them as senior staff who have been working at ST for years.

Netizens have also slammed both men, advising them not to “sh*t at the place you eat”.


Facts vs fiction

Given the gossip flying around, it’s important to distinguish fact from speculation. Here’s what we know for sure:

  1. A female staff member was hospitalised and is recovering. ST Editor Warren Fernandez hopes that she will “return to the newsroom when she is ready”.
  2. 2 senior editors & a female subordinate were involved in an inappropriate relationship.
  3. The police are not investigating the case.
  4. 2 ST editors were disciplined, not fired.
    • ST editor 1: Removed from post, demoted & redeployed
    • ST editor 2: Given written warning, salary docked & redeployed

Speculations that the girl was a scholar or attempted suicide are just that: speculations.

MustShareNews wishes all parties involved the very best. It’s unlikely that SPH will release more information about the case, so we hope that Internet speculation adopts a more respectful tone.

After all, these are people we’re talking about here.

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