Taiwan Butterfly Park Is A Dome With Elevated Viewing Decks, Looks Like A Smol GBTB

Butterfly Park In Chiayi City, Taiwan Is Just As Picturesque As GBTB

Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) is famous all around the world. The Cloud Forest and Flower Domes, in particular, have even been recognised on the international stage as architectural icons.

However, what’s lesser-known is that Taiwan also has a similar-looking butterfly park that will almost have us fooled that it’s GBTB.


Located within the NCYU Insect Museum (新嘉大昆蟲館) in Chiayi, Taiwan, the butterfly park’s dome structure and elevated decks certainly gives off GBTB vibes.

NCYU Insect Museum’s butterfly dome

Nestled in southwestern Taiwan is the city of Chiayi (嘉義). While not every Singaporean may have heard of the city, a structure there will almost certainly look familiar.

Within the NCYU Insect Museum is a dome-shaped butterfly park that opened back in 2017. GBTB, in comparison, opened in 2005.


The interior of the butterfly dome is beautified with greenery and elevated viewing decks, resembling a smol GBTB.

Taiwan Butterfly park GBTBSource

It even features an indoor waterfall too, like the one at GBTB’s Cloud Forest.


In addition, the place is a conservatory boasting over 1,200 butterflies from around the world.

Taiwan Butterfly park GBTBSource

Taiwan’s butterfly park is as Instagram worthy as GBTB

While the museum is often frequented by students on school excursions, the butterfly park is also extremely Instagram-worthy.

Taiwan Butterfly park GBTBSource

In fact, it has recently gained traction as a popular photography location.

Taiwan Butterfly park GBTBSource

And with the natural sunlight filtering in, luscious greenery, and unique dome structure, it’s easy to see why.

Taiwan Butterfly park GBTBSource

It certainly is a gorgeous photospot.

Visit on your next Taiwan trip

If you’re looking to visit this mini GBTB in Taiwan once leisure travel is possible again, here are more details.

NCYU Insect Museum (新嘉大昆蟲館)
Address: No. 300, Xuefu Road, East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan 600
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun, 9.30am – 5.30pm, closed on Mon-Tue
Admission fees: NT$150 ($7.13 SGD)

Distinct beauty of its own

While it may look similar to our GBTB, the butterfly dome in Taiwan does have its own distinct beauty in a built environment shared with majestic butterflies.

Though we can’t confirm if the butterfly garden’s inspired by GBTB, we guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Some netizens have even said that this butterfly dome resembles Jewel Changi Airport.

What do you think? Does this remind you of GBTB or Jewel? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Featured image adapted from Instagrammer News, Yahoo Travel and Momo Travel.

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