Tampines Family Lets Anyone Take Grocery Items For Free From Their HDB Corridor

Charitable community initiatives aren’t new in Singapore, but they’re all equally inspirational, nonetheless. The same can be said of a family who turned the front of their Tampines HDB flat into a free ‘grocery store’ for residents in need.


With stocks of essential items like rice, cooking oil, and biscuits, the display certainly resembles a regular grocery shelf.

Except in this case, anyone can take the items there for free.

Family places free grocery items outside Tampines HDB flat

According to BERITAmediacorp, Mr Asanul Fariq Sani and his wife Madam Norhasyimah Awaludin started the initiative on 12 Apr, just before the start of the fasting month.

With the intention of helping people in need, they placed some of the following items outside their home:

  • Rice
  • Milo
  • Coffee mix
  • Tea
  • Prayer garments
  • Tudungs
  • Baju kurungs


Despite having a rather tight corridor space, the family persisted, and to positive response from the community.

People come from all over Singapore

The couple told BERITAmediacorp that people have come to their Tampines residence from as far as Redhill, Choa Chu Kang, and Jurong to collect the items.


The overwhelming response has led them to hand out roughly 50-70 sacks of rice, as well as 5 cartons of Milo, coffee, and tea, which amounted to around 200 packs.

The pair even claimed that they’ve had to replenish stocks up to 5 times in a day.

Forked out $3,000 from own savings

Mr Fariq and Madam Norhasyimah, both canteen vendors at a primary school, have reportedly forked out $3,000 from their own savings for the initiative.

Another $2,000 in cash and groceries meanwhile came from kind donors, notes BERITAmediacorp.

Besides helping others, the couple is using this project as a means to educate their 4 children and instill charitable values.


Speaking to BERITAmediacorp, Madam Norhasyimah said in Malay that,

I teach my children not to judge. We might see someone who appears to be rich, but they may be experiencing financial difficulties.

Soon, the family is planning to extend the items on offer to include cooked food too.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from the grocery items, drop by Block 268 Tampines Street 21 at any time of the day.

The items are available for collection round the clock, on the 2nd floor. You’ll easily find them when you take lift A up.


The family sets no conditions, and won’t ask any questions, so anyone is welcome to take what they need.

Kudos to the family for their initiative

Mr Fariq and Madam Norhasyimah’s efforts prove that anyone can help uplift the lives of those in need, with the right amount of sincerity and dedication.

Kudos to them for going the extra mile, and taking their own initiative to help.

Hopefully their deeds will inspire more people to do the same, and contribute in their own ways.

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