Tharman Talks About S’pore Flag Shining On His Bald Head, Addresses Love For Pilot Pens

Tharman Answers Questions From Instagram Users, Talks About Bald Head

With the presidential race heating up, us Singaporeans are probably itching to know more about the candidates who are gunning for the position.

Fortunately, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam has us well in hand by revealing some little-known facts about himself.

On the mystery of the crescent and the stars on my head 😅 #Tharman #TharmanShanmugaratnam #fyp #tiktokSG

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He took to TikTok to clarify burning questions from netizens — including about his love for Pilot pens.

Tharman reveals ‘mystery’ behind flag on bald head

In a TikTok video on 16 Aug, Mr Tharman addressed online comments, the first of which was regarding his shiny forehead.

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Netizens had described it as strangely eye-catching, with one even comparing it to Krillin from ‘Dragonball’.

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“I happen to have a head that reflects light quite well,” Mr Tharman said sheepishly. “And when I sit in Parliament with all the lights, it often forms an interesting pattern on my head.”

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Curiously, and perhaps appropriately enough, one of these patterns resembled the crescent and five stars on the Singapore flag.

Shares love for Pilot pens

Yet another commenter noticed Mr Tharman’s Pilot pen, which he acknowledged as well.

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“I always carry a Pilot pen,” he said, hastily adding that this was not an advertisement for the brand. “It’s Pilot G-2 0.7.”

However, the pen isn’t the only item Mr Tharman always has on him.

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“I carry a few pieces of paper where I take notes of things that people tell me when I walk around and make sure I follow up on them,” he added.

His preferences seemed to have endeared himself to his followers, with one user approving of his choices.

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A few also went on to assure him that he definitely had their votes.

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Of course, this isn’t all there is to know about Mr Tharman — last week, he shared that he and his wife ate orh nee or yam when trying to conceive their children.

They claimed hat they ate copious amounts of the dish and eventually had four offspring.

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