Timezone $30-For-$30 Deal Means An Extra ‘Life’ For Your Games On 19 & 20 May

Timezone Double Dollar Deal Gives You 60 Credits For $30

For some of us, going to Timezone was like going to Disneyland.

As you got older and busier, you visited this wonderland lesser and lesser as going to the arcade is expensive and any deals usually fall on weekdays when you have work.

However, you can relive your childhood memories with Timezone’s “Double Dollar Deal” this month. This month’s deal will fall on 19 and 20 May.


Same fun for half the price

Timezone has the Double Dollar deal every month. However, they usually fall on weekdays.

Fortunately for you, this month’s promotion day lands on Sunday and Monday, which happens to be the Vesak holiday-in-lieu.


This means that you’ll probably not have work on either day. So take the chance to relive your childhood memories with your friends or even with your own children.

Childhood games still around

While Timezone’s flagship store in VivoCity boasts bumper cars, most of you will remember the classics.

Even after all this time, games like Mario Kart and variations of the basketball game are still around.


Some others like Bishi Bashi are harder to find. But if you do find out where this elusive machine hides, you may want to jio those who shared these memories with you for a nostalgic meet-up.

Am I the only one who played till my hands hurt?

Deal available at all Timezone stores

If you haven’t been to the arcade in a while, it may the perfect chance to do so this long weekend. You may find machines that you have not seen in a long time.

The best part of the deal is that it is available at all store locations in Singapore. Whether you live in the East or West, there is a Timezone for you. You can locate the nearest one to you here.

Featured image from Google Maps.

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