Those With Severe Side Effects From Covid-19 Vaccine Can Get Payout: MOH

Singapore has been progressively rolling out Covid-19 vaccinations. To date, over 792,000 doses of the vaccine have already been administered.


Most people may experience mild side effects from the vaccines, but in rare instances, some can suffer from severe side effects like serious allergic reactions.

On Wednesday (17 Mar), the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced a new lower tier financial assistance of $2,000 for individuals who require hospitalisation as a result of the vaccine’s side effects.

The Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP) now has 3 tiers, depending on the severity of the side effects.

At least $2,000 payout for those with severe vaccine side effects

From Wednesday (17 Mar), individuals who suffer from vaccine side effects resulting in hospitalisation can qualify for at least a $2,000 payout.

Vaccine side effects payoutSource

Patients will need to submit a VIFAP application that includes medical information on their side effects provided by the doctor treating them.

According to MOH, all applications will be reviewed by an independent clinical panel that will access the seriousness of the side effects, as well as its relation to the vaccine.

3 payout tiers

Under VIFAP, the payout amount is categorised into 3 tiers based on severity of side effects, MOH said.

Individuals who require treatment at a hospital and recover will be in the newest and lowest tier, qualifying for a $2,000 payout.

The next tier consists of individuals who get admitted to high-dependency or intensive care and recover. These individuals will get a $10,000 payout.

Those who suffer permanent severe disability or pass away due to the vaccine will receive a $225,000 payout.

The 2 higher payout tiers were introduced early on in Jan.

Strengthening financial support for individuals

The addition of the lowest tier to the VIFAP aims to strengthen support for individuals who have suffered severe side effects from the vaccination.

MOH emphasised that this amount is not intended to cover the medical bills incurred.

The one-time payout is simply an additional financial support.

Other government financing schemes are available if needed, including MediShield Life, MediSave, and MediFund.

All Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and long-term residents who are vaccinated in Singapore qualify for VIFAP.

You can find out more about the programme here.

Hope it gives Singaporeans peace of mind

Since the roll-out of the vaccine, there have understandably been concerns about its safety.

Thankfully, the incidence rate of severe side effects from Covid-19 vaccines are extremely low.

Nonetheless, the VIFAP should give more Singaporeans the peace of mind to get vaccinated.

After all, getting inoculated ultimately serves to protect you and those around you.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Sengkang General Hospital.