Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic Find New Home For Dog That Owner Wanted Euthanised

Putting a pet to sleep isn’t something people can do on a whim. The final decision lays with the vet and they’ll do so only if they believe there’s no other way to save the pet.

So when a dog named Poppy was brought to an veterinary clinic for euthanasia due to his heart condition, the vets at Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic thought they’d wait and see until after he received treatment.


Although the owner really wanted the euthanasia option, the vets chose to take in Poppy and prevent an untimely death.


Now he’s looking better, and needs a new home and owner.

Owner wanted to euthanise dog, vets said to wait and see

Poppy’s owner had initially wanted to put him to sleep as he had a heart condition and feeding him pills to manage it daily was “too challenging and burdensome”.

But the vets were reluctant to perform the euthanasia as they wanted to see whether he’d respond to treatment. They also described him as “still bright”.


After all, euthanasia is an irreversible process and the decision cannot be made lightly.

Although the owner argued that Poppy wouldn’t survive, the vets didn’t give in to her request.

This led to Poppy being taken into the clinic’s care instead.

Dog saved from euthanasia, now needs new home

Luckily the vets stood their ground, as Poppy responded well to treatment.

However, now Poppy requires a new home, since he was surrendered to the clinic. Although one of their nurses is taking care of him, this isn’t a permanent solution.

The original Facebook post called for potential adopters, preferably with experience taking care of old dogs or those with heart disease.

Apparently, they received an overwhelming number of requests from Singaporeans willing to take Poppy on, and will soon contact potential owners.


Kudos to vets for not giving up on Poppy

Sometimes, owners may for one reason or other, choose to put their pet to sleep. However, this incident shows that euthanasia cases aren’t clear-cut.

Kudos to the vets for believing that Poppy can survive, even if his heart condition persists.

With treatment, a dog with a heart condition can live for several more years.

We hope that whoever adopts him will shower him with love and care for as long as possible. It’s great to see that there are many Singaporeans willing to take care of an old dog.

And for other interested owners, you can consider adopting a pet from a shelter — there are many rescued pets also looking for a new home besides Poppy.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and PerroMart.