‘Can I Go’ Website Lets Singaporeans Check Where They Can Go During ‘Circuit Breaker’

Each time the Singapore government talks about Covid-19, they say that the situation remains “fluid, dynamic and unpredictable”. As such, safe distancing measures are upgraded frequently to adapt to ever-changing conditions.

While this makes logical sense, citizens might lose track of what the latest updates are. This puts them at risk of accidentally flouting safe distancing regulations, and getting into trouble with the law.

Safe distancing applies islandwide

Luckily, a new website allows you to check what you can or cannot do from now till the ‘Circuit Breaker’ ends on 4 May.

Canigo.sg website lets Singaporeans check whether they can go to places

Cue canigo.sg, a website that tells Singaporeans where they can go, or what activities they can do.

Website hinting to users that can is can, but better not

Users simply have to find said activity or venue from the drop down bar, or manually search it, and the website does the rest.


In line with the latest updates and measures, the website tells users whether it is advisable to go to some places or not.

Answering FAQs

MS News has taken the liberty to search for some hot topics on behalf of our readers.

On whether citizens can still buy their favourite bubble tea, the answer is a resounding YES — but please practise safe distancing.


Also, walking our beloved dogs is allowed.


And as for visiting family, users are advised to use common sense. Social gatherings are prohibited, but users can travel to ensure the old and young are cared for.


Visit the site here today to have your burning questions answered. You can also contribute to this list if you noticed some places or activities are missing.

Check if you’re not sure, don’t play play.

So far, 3 people have been charged for not adhering to Covid-19 measures.

Make sure you don’t become one of them by consulting canigo.sg if you’re unsure whether what you want to do is allowed.

As always, follow the guidelines and practise good hygiene.

Featured image adapted from Can I Go.