Swift Workers’ Party Response To Police Reports Hailed By Netizen As Strong Leadership

Netizen Hails Workers’ Party Response To Raeesah Khan’s Police Reports In Viral Post

Just hours after 2 police reports were filed regarding Workers’ Party (WP) candidate Raeesah Khan’s comments, an urgent doorstop was held where Ms Khan apologised for her actions on Sunday (5 Jul) night.


WP chief Mr Pritam Singh also stepped in to field answers to the media, late last night. Shortly after WP’s response, a post by Mr Chio began going viral on Facebook.

The netizen shared how there was a bigger story about leadership, beyond what happened to Ms Khan. Here’s his post in full.


We summarise the key takeaways below.

Swift WP response lauded by netizen

Mr Chio began his post by stating categorically that he believed Ms Khan’s 2018 comments were “wrong” on 3 counts — “race, religion & contempt of court”.


However, he outlined WP’s swift response as something that impressed him.

We’ve compiled the sequence of events here from last night for reference.

Netizen appreciates Ms Khan’s direct apology

The netizen appreciated the urgent media doorstop to clarify the issue, within hours of the police reports being made.


Ms Khan also apologised & said she would cooperate fully with police investigations.


In Mr Chio’s words,

No buts, no shirking, no excuses.

Party took responsibility for their candidate

As for Mr Pritam Singh, the netizen shared that he was glad the party chief fronted the affair and took questions “forthcomingly and honestly”.


In his opinion, Mr Singh did not “throw anybody under the bus”, or ask others to let her “prove herself”.

By bringing his team together, he also did not maintain a distance or ask Ms Khan to “come out and clarify” the comments by herself.

To quote Mr Chio directly, he shared,

Stood in front of all the reporters & took questions forthcomingly & honestly. Like a boss. Protecting his people.

Praised WP Chief for leadership

For his “calm, careful, controlled” way of handling the matter, the netizen also pointed out Mr Singh stance — where being upfront and authentic with the public is key.

And that they should be accountable for certain posts or comments made in the past & explain themselves.

That, in Mr Chio’s post, was why he was impressed by the WP’s leadership in handling the affair.

Not an anti-establishment supporter

Finally, to round out his post, Mr Chio shared that he noticed his post making its rounds on social media to “Opposition Groups”.

The netizen stated that he was a “pro-establishment person” and supports our current government policies.

However, he believed in having more “rational voices in Parliament”.

Leadership is doing right by your people

Although other media scandals have tanked the budding careers of candidates fielded in GE2020 in the past, it seems like Ms Raeesah Khan & the Workers’ Party will be continuing with their fevered pitch for Polling Day seats in Sengkang GRC.

Do you think this incident was handled well by the Workers’ Party? Let us know your thoughts below.

Featured image adapted from Channel NewsAsia on YouTube.

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