Xiao Long Bao Mug On Taobao Lets You Drink The ‘Soup’ Inside With A Straw

Xiao Long Bao Mug Now Available At Taobao

There are many ways to eat a xiao long bao, but the most common is poking a hole in the bao and drinking the soup before feasting on the bao itself.

Following a similar concept, you can now purchase a xiao long bao mug that you can drink the ‘soup’ out of. The cute little dim sum cup is available on Taobao.


Works like a real xiao long bao

While there are other ways to eat xiao long baos, true connoisseurs know that you must always break the top of the bao first before consuming it.

Similarly, a hole is made on the top of this mug for the straw to pass through.


The best part about the straw is that it doubles up as a spoon. So if you want to drink actual soup from it, you won’t need to find another spoon or bowl — just use the soup dumpling cup.

Packed in 3 long zi

Soup dumplings usually come in a bamboo basket known as long zi. This gives the dumplings its iconic name.

The cup’s design looks like 3 bamboo baskets stacked on top of one another which is how the dumplings are usually served. Like the long zi, the xiao long bao mug also helps trap heat i.e. keep your drink warm.


Available on Taobao

Based on their product description on the picture, the item promises to make your life more convenient and helps you stand out in any occasion.


The price of the cup goes for ¥125.71 on Taobao which is around S$25. Compared to other porcelain cups, this is actually pretty expensive. This is excluding shipping costs.

Purchasing items on Taobao can sometimes be confusing. If you want to purchase the item, you can follow this guide. It may even teach you how to save on shipping costs.

Featured image from Taobao.

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