Singapore’s New Three-Door Buses Are Perfect For Watching K-Dramas On


New Tower Transit Buses Come With USB Ports

Ever hopped on an hour-long bus ride only to realise that you can’t watch the latest episode of your favourite K-Drama because of your dead phone battery? Hmm, looks like you’re a K-Drama fanatic. Well, say goodbye to those boring rides with our refurbished buses that will spoil you so much that you won’t ever want to get off the bus.

Tower Transit Singapore has a new bus on the roads, and it comes equipped with USB ports. This means you’ll be able to charge your devices while staying completely antisocial as you take the bus. Never mind if the bus ride’s an hour long —  that just means more time to charge up your phone.


Unfortunately, these new buses are currently on trial, and are only on the bus service 143 route.  

Also New: An Extra Door

3 door bus sg


These new buses also come with an extra staircase, and additional door — all in the name of preventing a human jam.

While the two usual doors remain at the same places, a third door connecting the 2nd floor of the double-decker bus directly to the back exit of the vehicle has been introduced. That means two staircases!

Viola! Say goodbye to unnecessarily squeezing through groups of people, especially if you’re one of those people who tend to netflix and chill at the back seat.

Based On Feedback

Last year, public feedback showed that 9 in 10 of respondents wanted to install a third door on buses.

Thus, it’s touching to see that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has willingly listened to the people’s feedback (and has not responded snarkily).

new door bus sg


Not only will this make Singaporeans more willing to take public transport, this will open doors (literally) to more handicap-friendly usage of our buses, which is especially convenient.

Give Your Feedback

These buses will be on trial for six months, and another single-deck bus with three doors will also be tested from the second quarter of 2017.

Looks like Tower Transit is really upping its game to breathe new life into the bus industry in Singapore. The company recently announced that they would create and release signature scents in its buses.

Well, are you now tempted to propose adding sleeping pods to our buses, too? Click here to give LTA your feedback, you never know what may happen.

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