3-Door Buses Will Soon Be On Singapore Roads

Singapore’s buses usually have 2 doors — one in front and another in the middle for exiting. However, this can cause some congestion issues as passengers are more inclined to stand in the middle of the bus rather than rear.

However, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said 3-door buses will be hitting Singapore roads soon, which may alleviate such congestion during peak hours.

It will also feature a 2nd staircase to allow commuters to reach the upper deck from the back of the bus.

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Like newer buses around Singapore, you can find features such as USB charging ports and stroller docks to make commuting a better experience.

3 doors and extra staircase for easier movement

In a Facebook post on Monday (11 Jan), LTA said 3-door buses will soon be on Singapore roads.

They encourage commuters to use the 3rd door for alighting only, to ensure a smoother experience.

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The bus will also feature an additional staircase to improve the flow of commuters as they board and exit.


Other convenient features that you will find include a stroller dock for parents who want to take a rest.

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To make getting on and off these buses easier for parents pushing trolleys, the poles in the middle of doors have been removed.

Features found in 3-door buses

During a virtual tour on 11 Jan, an LTA representative said other features that one can expect to find include USB charging ports, in case your phone battery is low after you knock off from work.

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As with more recent buses, audio announcements will also be made in case you’re unfamiliar with the area and aren’t sure of when you should be getting off.

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Easier commutes especially during peak hours

With an extra door and staircase in place for these new buses, perhaps there will be lesser occurrences of bumping into another person as you alight or board.

This will prove especially useful during peak hours, as most people hesitate to move to the rear as they want to alight in a few stops.

The cherry on top of the cake is the set of features that is already found on newer buses in Singapore.

With the rear door, this may help ease the congestion that passengers face during peak hours.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.