Retro Pink HDB Looks Like A Chic K-Drama Apartment With Glitzy Lights & Marble Walls

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A Blue Cube Design Turns This 5-Room Tampines HDB Into A Chic K-Drama Apartment

K-Dramas may have their attractive oppas and noonas, but sometimes the homes these characters stay in are what catch our eyes most.

Instead of just admiring these luxury pads through a screen, you can make your home look just like them, thanks to A Blue Cube Design (ABCD).

Image courtesy of ABCD

Striking a balance between luxury and homeliness, ABCD has transformed a 5-room Tampines HDB flat into a space that both the artistic souls and family people can appreciate.

Retro pink living room is trendy & welcoming

For homeowners and guests, the living room is the highlight of the house, and this flat doesn’t disappoint.

The muted shade of pink all around the living room adds a mild vibrance common white walls often lack, without making the space seem too feminine.

Image courtesy of ABCD

Panoramic windows provide natural lighting so you can work like a boss during the day.

When evening falls, accent lights and a neon sign that says “you go pink” illuminate the space, creating the perfect chill atmosphere to unwind in after a long day at work.

Image courtesy of HDB

Just switch the TV on to your fave K-drama, turn down the lights, and pretend you’re in a glitzy apartment in the heart of Seoul.

Private kitchen & spacious foyer/dining area to entertain guests

Past the living room is a spacious foyer and dining area, with bold, rose gold trimmings, and a lavish marble table for decadent meals and gatherings.

Image courtesy of ABCD

Having dinner with a view becomes a regular affair when the dining table is positioned ideally by the huge windows.

Image courtesy of ABCD

The light that enters through the windows will reach the adjacent kitchen too, which has glass windows and doors you can open or close to your preference.

Image courtesy of ABCD

Doing your chores in a neat environment grants you some peace of mind, so having the kitchen right next to the laundry area does wonders.

Image courtesy of ABCD

From feeding the fam to washing the little ones’ clothes, you’ll have no trouble chiong-ing your chores in the seamless space.

Bedrooms & bathrooms are peaceful sanctuaries

While the rest of the house is a hub of activities, the bedroom is the one space you can fully enjoy for yourself.

This minimalist master bedroom has built-in cabinets, shelves, and a vanity area that provide more than enough space to hide your clutter away.

Image courtesy of ABCD

With rose gold accents, a Hollywood vanity mirror and a leafy wall mural, you’ll feel like a superstar on holiday in a luxury hotel.

Parents won’t have to worry about kiddos invading your room when they have a lovely one of their own, with pull-out beds that give them more room to play in the day.

Image courtesy of ABCD

The vibrant colours extend into the guest bathroom, where you’ll find a blend of marble walls and geometric tiles.

Image courtesy of ABCD

Night lights provide an extra glimmer to the master bathroom, for an amplified luxury feel.

Image courtesy of ABCD

With gorgeous bathrooms like these, you can start the day and get dressed like the wealthy immortal played by Gong Yoo in “Goblin”.

Turn your K-drama fantasies into a reality

Transforming a 5-room HDB flat into a chic apartment, the folks at ABCD prove that K-drama homes aren’t only for virtual enjoyment.

Here’s a look at the regular flat layout before ABCD worked their magic.

Image courtesy of ABCD

The layout after shows just how well the designers have made use of the space, to turn it into an atas apartment.

Image courtesy of ABCD

You can turn your fantasies into a reality simply by contacting ABCD at 6546 8328 or via email at

They also share their latest works regularly on Facebook and Instagram, so you can seek design inspos whenever, wherever.

Retro pink HDB is a dreamy suite for K-drama fans

Marble walls, opulent lights, pastel palettes, and exquisite paintings are must-haves in the posh homes of every leading man or lady.

Now you can be that leading character in your own K-drama home, with some creative design flair.

Working and staying indoors won’t feel like a chore anymore, when you’re relaxing in eternal comfort and luxury.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with A Blue Cube Design (ABCD).

Featured image courtesy of ABCD.

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