These Adorable Animal Cups Will Keep Your Kopi As Warm As Your Hearts

Adorable Animal Glass Cups Are Double-Walled To Keep Drinks Warm

We Bare Bears fans, control your screams for we come bear-ing totes awesome news.

The good people of GOODGLAS have produced double-walled glass cups in cute animal designs that appeal to the squealing girls in all of us.


You can even customise the drink to change the colour of your furry friend.

Now, even the simple act of downing a cuppa can be incredibly cute!

Oreo milk in a bear glass

These double-layered animal glass cups are certainly as cute as they are functional.

They can maintain the temperatures of your ice cold drinks and piping hot beverages (up to 120°C).

Perfect for keeping your kopi warm throughout a long day.

Filling the cups with coffee or tea will give you bears in different shades of brown, from light to dark.

Or you can just go with milk to get a polar bear. How cute is that?


Another thing we like about the material of the cups is that it’s see-through!

Consider kicking the adorableness up a notch with your glass animals by using an array of coloured beverages.


If you’re not a fan of bears, these double-walled glass cups come in other designs too.

Fancy drinking from a cat, dog or duck?


They’ve definitely got you covered.

Be extra & customise the flavours

But if you love being extra and want to explore more colourful beverages, here are some other options we recommend:


  • Plain Water – Gives you a see-through literal Ice Bear effect.
  • Roselle Tea – Who doesn’t like a pretty shade of pink?
  • F&N Orange & assorted flavours – So many colours to choose from!

Let’s talk prices

For S$26.24, you can order the cups from GOODGLAS’ website here, though you’d have to inquire about shipping to Singapore.

Alternatively, you can order via third-party Taiwanese and Japanese websites that ship to Singapore at varying prices.

Squealing all the way to checkout

This is a definite must-buy for animal lovers and fans of all things kawaii.

Plus, going green is the way to go these days. With these cups, you can replace disposables and flaunt your creativity.

FYI, it may be end-Sep, but it’s never too early to start planning for that office Secret Santa gift.

You’re very welcome.

Featured image from Facebook.

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