Massive Aftershock PC Showroom Lets You Learn How To Build Your Own PC & Custom Keyboards

Aftershock Opens New Showroom ‘Endgame’ In Bendemeer

Since we’ve started working from home, many of us have had to rejig our homes to accommodate an office space.

While some may be happy with a makeshift working area of a kitchen countertop, others have taken this as an opportunity to finally build the PC setup of their dreams.

Suppose you’re still on the fence about making an upgrade or are easily intimidated by the barrage of technical terms. In that case, the newly launched Aftershock PC experiential showroom is the ideal jumping-off point.

Aptly nicknamed Aftershock Endgame, the upgraded HQ of the local gaming PC brand spans 7,000 sq ft and is designed to guide prospective PC owners to experience the full breadth of the PC ecosystem.

Aftershock showroom

Let’s take a walk around the new PC paradise by Aftershock.

Learn different PC builds at Aftershock showroom to create your rig

What sets Aftershock Endgame apart from your run-of-the-mill computer store is the brilliant staff readily imparting tech advice to anyone willing to learn.

Setting foot into the store, the first thing you’ll notice is these red lines that look like circuits on the floor. They’re meant to help customers navigate around the showroom.

Aftershock showroom

Take a right turn, and you find yourself facing a hall kitted out with a myriad of different PC builds of different sizes from entry to high-end.

It goes without saying that if you’re here, you must have an idea of what you’re looking for. However, that won’t stop you from having a real experience with various specifications—readily available for you to tinker with.

The whole idea of the experiential showroom is to allow customers to test what they’re paying for. By being able to play their favourite games on different builds and monitors, it takes the guesswork out of the purchasing experience.

Assemble PC parts together at The Forge area

Building your own PC can be an intimidating process. From picking the right components to figuring out cable management, it requires a lot of research and guidance.

Fortunately, the guys at Aftershock have dedicated a corner for customers looking to build their own gaming PC.

Aftershock showroom

If you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekends or just want to learn how to customise your setup, book a slot with staff on-site and you can arrange a private PC building session.

Aftershock showroomImage courtesy of The Forge

You can pick every component, from power supply to casing, with a helpful Aftershock staff ready to assist you with every decision.

Aftershock showroomImage courtesy of The Forge

It will take some elbow grease, but the process also enriches your knowledge of your computer and also sets you up to troubleshoot future problems if they arise.

Dive into the world of custom keyboards with Mash

Even the most seasoned veterans in the PC scene can attest that there is always an upgrade one can make to zhng your setup.

One of the trendy methods entails getting your very own custom keyboard. This convoluted hobby involves picking from a swarm of parts such as boards, different switches to keycaps, all slightly different to cater to a typing experience that best fits you.

Aftershock showroom

Acting as a gateway to this world of keyboards is Mash, a new venture from Aftershock. With their very own space at the back of the experiential centre, customers can build their very own custom keyboard in under an hour.

Aftershock showroom

Customers can click on every key to find the best feel with numerous different switches on hand. When you spend long hours working on the computer, you can’t underestimate the significance of this process.

While the hobby is notorious for long waiting times and a shockingly small supply, Mash can guarantee their items are always in stock.

Size up your PC set-ups in the IKEA-like display rooms

Spending hours running around Sim Lim Square, scouring every store for the best deal may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

After all, some of us may not have the time and prefer to have everything in one store, including chairs and tables.

At Aftershock, they’ve cleverly designed mini-showrooms to encapsulate the aesthetics and feel of a real-life setup. Think of it as an IKEA showcase for PCs.

Partnering with Secretlab and Omnidesk, Aftershock designed these rooms to capture the imagination of customers. Here, they can admire and experience gorgeous, functional setups in different settings.

The best part is customers can cut their imagination times short and easily purchase anything they like in the displays, getting them closer to their dream setup in no time.

Touch & feel the most popular products before purchase

Another trademark of the experiential centre is allowing customers to touch, test and feel the products before swiping the credit card. That’s why sections in the store showcase some of the world’s most popular brands.

First up, we have Razer and Logitech facing off in the corner with each brand bringing their A-game to the forefront.

Customers can pick up peripherals from both sides, plug them into the computers placed in the area and get a good feel of their choices.

Next is a corridor filled with sleek monitors and comfortable headsets from every price range, so you can shop for the ideal gear to bring your gaming experience to the next level.

Whether you want an ultra-immersive screen for single-player games or a crisp display designed for competitive esports, you can test out and figure out the exact experience you want.

That way, you can also customise a PC build to realise your dream.

Lastly, the experiential centre also features a corner for streaming equipment for those looking to get started on the growing trend of live streaming.

As it’s a niche but burgeoning market, customers who want to dabble in it can get expert advice from the staff who would guide aspiring streamers to get closer to their first stream.

Being able to test the gear before building their streaming set-up gives customers an idea of what they need to run a successful stream—from the lights, microphone, to even web cameras that captures every moment.

How to get to Aftershock PC’s showroom

Although we’ve gone in-depth at what you can expect at Aftershock PC’s showroom, nothing beats paying a visit to the store in Bendemeer.

Here’s how you can get there:

Aftershock Endgame
Address: B Central, 994 Bendemeer Road, #05-07, Singapore 339943
Opening hours: 10am-7pm
Website: Aftershock PC
Nearest MRT station: Boon Keng, Geylang Bahru

Novice or pro, you’ll find a reason to part ways with your cash for an upgrade.

Eliminate the guesswork when purchasing a PC

Having everything one can dream of under one roof is a PC builder’s dream.

With the help of the knowledgeable staff, you can safely eliminate the guesswork and trust in the sage advice they willingly dish out.

Even if you’re a seasoned veteran in the pc-building circuit, we’re sure that there’s something that will inspire your next ambitious build.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Aftershock PC.

Featured image by MS News.

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